July 12, 2008


I found this the other day while I was going through a pile of books.

Whose Job Is It?
This is a story about four people named EVERYBODY, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY AND NOBODY. (Sound familiar to the Reidhead's...yes.) There was an important job to be done and EVERYBODY was asked to do it. EVERYBODYwas sure SOMEBODY will do it. ANYBODY could have done it but NOBODY did it. SOMEBODY got angry about that because it was EVERYBODY'S job. EVERYBODY thought ANYBODY could do it but NOBODY realized that EVERYBODY wouldn't do it. It ended up that EVERYBODY blamed SOMEBODY when NOBODY did what ANYBODY could have done...

so thats the world's view...

Here's the Reidhead's view (extended version sorry)
This is a story about three people...we like to keep it simple...EVERYBODY, SOMEBODY AND NOBODY. It was a nice fall afternoon. The leaves were turning colors and the air was cool and crisp. EVERYBODY wanted to take family pictures because it had been soooo long since they had a nice picture. NOBODY agreed and he drug along SOMEBODY and said that it was a good idea to drive about oh 10 miles to this nice little place in the woods. They arrived and started walking. There were trails and cliffs and all sights to see. SOMEBODY was thrilled and also SOMEBODY had a couple of exams the next day and what SOMEBODY doesn't love spending time with NOBODY while taking lovely pictures...and not really wanting to? Well things took a dramatic turn when the clouds joined together and decided to rain but EVERYBODY wanted to keep being photographed by the self timing camera. SOMEBODY was done taking pictures-they had had it up to their eye balls and then NOBODY suggested going to Hawley Lake...about an extra hour drive in one direction...and they were off. There goes SOMEBODY'S test and who knows what other plans. SOMEBODY was furious and grumbled under their breath...the whole way. Soon the "misery" spread to EVERYBODY and NOBODY was still persistent on going to Hawley Lake. After the drive, where the tension increased immensly, all arrived at Hawley Lake...miraculously alive. A few spots were picked out by EVERYBODY and soon the camera was set for 30 seconds. SOMEBODY painted their smile on to appease NOBODY. The rain drops were starting to fall and SOMEBODY'S hair didn't do well in humidity...at all. Soon the last picture was taken after EVERYBODY had to check the camera multiple times when the timer wasn't going off. NOBODY grew impatient with SOMEBODY'S attitude and SOMEBODY had about enough of EVERYBODY saying, "well what about that spot over there, its pretty." SOMEBODY always said, "NO". And they all made their merry way home in the suburban to Show Low and upon arriving, SOMEBODY didn't miss a beat in packing her bags and leaving for the valley as soon as she could. Turns out one of the best pictures that EVERYBODY took, SOMEBODY was making a retarded face so we had to use the second best where SOMEBODY's stomach was showing and NOBODY was still thrilled to smile.

If you readers didn't catch on- EVERYBODY is my mom. NOBODY is my dad. SOMEBODY is us kids. Its rung true in so many instances in our life.
Mom: "Jim lets go to dinner, EVERYBODY wants to."
Dad: "No Tamra, NOBODY does."
Mom: "Well surely SOMEBODY is hungry."

And that is how we roll.


Tamra and Jim said...

Everybody says, "TRUE STORY TRUE STORY." hahaha

Taralee said...

That is hilarious...AND SO TRUE! That was very creative and very EXACT! Good memory you got there. I'm pretty sure I'm the one that packed my bags and hit the road AS SOON AS I GOT HOME...and I'm the one that my stomach was showing. ha ha.
So funny.