November 5, 2008

whats on my mind....

So there has been a lot on my mind lately specially today at work since it was DEAD....

1. I cried when McCain lost.

2. I can't possibly understand why everyone (democrats only) is excited for CHANGE.

3. I am trying to be supportive and not pysche myself out by thinking the country is really going to go through some hard times

4. Its time to break out the play dough to handle such anxiety.

5. I'm sick of seeing women make out on TV shows. Really? It is that necessary. I thought it was too much when a man and woman were making out.

6. I've rethought having kids in this nation muchless world (again need some play dough)

7. I'm totally jealous of Taralee losing tons of weight so I think I'll go make some cookies and eat cinnamon rolls. Genius.

8. Liars are ridiculous. There is a lady at work and thats all she does. She has a different story everyday.

9. I don't know how we're going to pay for Cody's tuition next semester and even if there will be jobs available when he graduates.

10. I used to have a mouth like a sailor and its getting better but today is one of those days where every other word could've easily been awful but I bit my tongue due to the fact that I work with a lot of non members and I guess all that talk about being an example is somehow sinkin in. (Just maybe but Rapiers....still expect a few every now and then)

11. I'm glad I am LDS because I got a feeling that the next four years will either make or break members of the church. Danica Leone Claridge will make it....there is no other option.

Those are eleven thoughts I've been having. Educational at all? Absolutely not. But its ok because education will be going down hill anyways, I was just giving us a jump start. That is all.


Tamra said...

hey what happened to your colorful background?

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Danica, I had many of the same thoughts. However, I am a little late on the kids, so we will just have to pray for the best. One thought, President Packer just told us it isn't going to be good for a while, but we will be ok if we are faithful. Scary and comforting at the same time.

To get your family list the way it is, I just went to Add an element and one of the options is Blog List which has the options to do what we did. If you get that far and are still having trouble, let me know. Take Care.

Amanda Griggs said...

I enjoy reading your blog. You crack me up! I guess the only thing that makes the 'change' easier is knowing that we have been told to prepare for this. Shoot if we are wrong and he isn't going to bring this country down in flaming ball, then at least we are prepared for when it does happen. I pray that we are wrong. I also find joy that in this horribly liberal world that 55% of us still believe in banning gay marriage. AZ & CA both passed the bans! ;-) A small comfort, but none-the-less a comfort!

Take care!

Tamra said...

you crack me up. I left another comment and it got lost somehow. Anyway, your list of 11 things makes me laugh. Not to worry or fear if we are prepared.... Have faith and be strong!

Taralee said...

Ok, first of all...I haven't lost THAT much have no need to be jealous.
And change CAN be good...i'm just not so sure about the quality of the "change" that is going to happen. Makes me a little nervous as well.
SO, your bread looks delish. Mom needs to teach me. Sometimes mine turns out so good and the next time it is like a rock...literally. We've thrown it at cats before! ha ha.
Alright. Love ya. Thanks for blogging again! :o)