October 15, 2007

The Fair

So we went to the county fair this weekend and I told myself that I would get cotton candy because of my deep craving for it but after standing in line for a while and realizing how sick it would probably make me I decided against it. Pat on the back for me. But I did eat some kettle corn. We decided that the fair is a waste if you don't have kids or if you aren't single because we just paid to walk around. Someday we'll go back but it wasn't as fun as we had hoped but least we know that now. However, there was a band there that played all the songs off of Joe Dirt. I really liked that part and was singing along. Cody just loved it!


Taralee said...

You would know all the songs to Joe Dirt...ha ha. AWESOME. Sounds like the fair was fun. What else in new in the neighborhood?