October 18, 2007


Yesterday we finally got our TV and got it all set up. But for some stupid reason everything was brown or green. I was getting so annoyed because we played with the color settings so much. Finally we called support and we discovered that the cables we were using were old so the color was messed up. We switched them out and then finally we had an amazing picture. I guess TV's don't really matter much to other people but this is something that me and Cody both like to do to relax at night so we figured it was ok to invest in one. Also, my parents need a TV in their basement so they can have that one back. I hope it works still...it fell off the bed. haha. We won't say who's doing that was.

Last nite I didn't go running because we went and played games with our friends. It was a fun time. We played a game called "Bang" and it was getting kind of competitive. I decided to wake up at the butt crack of dawn today (6:30) and go running. After being woke up last nite with a real bad stomach ache, I wasn't looking forward to running but I crawled out of bed and went. I put on my sweat shirt and went. I knew it would be chilly but it was practically frosted over outside! Brr. Then as I'm running I realized I forgot to put my contacts in so I really couldn't see anything. Let's just face it I'm not ready to be an athlete but I'm forcing myself. ha.


Rustino Scar said...

hey, just a suggestion...download Picasa from google. its free and you can brighten up some of the darker photos just to make them a bit more visible. just a suggestion