May 30, 2009

Thatcher Trip May 09

Highlights of the Trip:

  • La Casita
  • Papa Johns 6.99 walk in special AND it doesn't taste like cardboard!
  • Sleeping in
  • Asking Danae who painted her shorts on. (by the way, her shorts were very cute as are all of her clothes and she always looks fabulous...thats why I give her a hard time)
  • Shannon taking a picture of Abby's hair after I curled it and I had not done my hair yet and Danae yells across the room, "the artist is always ugly!"
  • Spending time with family
  • Cody beating the tar out of Ryan during a game of Carcossne. He actually smiled about it the whole way home the next day.
  • Pregnancy and baby advice...much appreciated...accepted? thats another story-jk sister in laws!
  • A cute church outfit for the little man from the Lamoreaux's
  • Dairy Queen with Abby...and when you say 5 miles away, it takes 3 minutes to get there because you don't have to fight traffic
  • Surprising everyone at church when we walked in...well most everyone was excited. A certain person smiled and then made this look like "Crap! We're not going to get any sleep cuz of game nights." At least I hope thats what the look meant.
  • Visiting Keith's grave site and bawling my eyes out and seeing a sweet look in Cody's eyes
    We had a great time and glad we could make it!
Miss Kate and Logan! Could they be sweeter?

Miss Kate! I couldn't get enough of her!

Braden and Bryson...aka trouble makers!

Oh hi! This is compliments of Lizzy.

Little Lizzy and Cody. She is such a doll and has some sass! Thanks for smiling babe!
Abby and her ipod! This lady watches my every move. Like I've said before Sorry Ryan and Shannon!