August 24, 2009

27 Days

So remember back when I announced I was pregnant and quite possibly cried and whined about how we'll never be able to provide him with the things he needs and yadee yadee yadee well the Lord has once again proven to be smarter than me. (pretty tough to that sac religious?) With amazing friends and family and hair stylist and just caring people we have been able to receive the things we need without having to take out a loan for a carseat and crib! (you think I'm kidding? Thats what I thought was going to have to happen.) Anyways I am so excited! I can not wait and I can not believe how MUCH we have been blessed.

Cody did inform me today that this little boy better make his debut before the 21 because he has midterms. haha.

Pictures of the nursery to come. Just finishing up a couple of final touches.


Adam and Janna Ellsworth said...

Hey Danica, We were in the same rough patch, but it's so amazing how things work out. Everything just falls in place. I'm so glad it's all coming together, So excited for you guys! The most amazing day of your life is sooooo close. Good luck!

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Can't wait to see the pics!

Caitlin said...

It always works out how its supposed to!! You are going to do great!