September 15, 2008

The Best Weekend

I had Friday off and my parents said they were coming down to visit and what not. I was so excited and my house needed the cleaning :D (We all know how that is). Its amazing how big a mess me and Cody can make. Anyways they got into town about 9. We stayed up and chit chatted and then I had to go to work in the morning but Jimmy and Tammy decided to make crepes so they started asking me if I had any fruit. No. Pudding? No. Pie filling? No. Jelly? Yes but its moldy. So they made german pancakes and homemade foam and by foam I actually mean syrup. I guess they had a bit of a miscommunication with the ingredients and the "syrup" just foamed up. It still tasted good don't get me wrong but it was just hilarious. We all joked that we would be gassy throughout the day but I was probably the only one! hahaha.

They hung out with Cody until he had to go to work and went to Costco. PTL I wasn't there. I would've broke the bank aka dad.

Then they came to good ole Dillards and found some goodies to buy and were attacked by the vulture bitties up stairs. I got off work early and went shopping with mom. Mom needed a bra and obviously dad wouldn't want to stay so he came to the house and took a nap. ****I was walking around the bra area putting the big bras on my head. She got one, and then we went on our merry way throughout the mall. We got some good things and went to Ross and bought more stuff...just for us girls but we felt selfish so we bought Cody and dad a tie. We're so thoughtful. haha. We finally came back to get dad cuz he complained we were gone too long and we went to cheesecake factory! It was delicious. I had never had it before but it was so good! And course the cheesecake was gone in like 2 seconds flat. Then they went home. It was so fun just hanging out with them and hearing mom's laugh. It always cheers me up.

****I wasn't actually trying bras on my head to mock people, it was actually the bra my mom ended up buying. By the way-it didn't fit. My head was too big. ...or so I was told to say. jk

And fantastic news-I was given some capris that were a little snug...ok I wouldn't button them cuz it would cut me in half...but I was showing my mom and put them on and they fit perfectly. I was thrilled and so surprised. I guess it does help to stand all day long and get out of the house and quit eating cookies. Who would've thought?


Tamra said...

We had a blast too. I'm glad we were able to come down and visit. The groceries from Costo filled up my cupboards again and the stuff I bought 75% off at Dillards was the best. Thanks for letting us stay at your house. It was fun, even the foamy syrup was fun. (Thanks to Dad because he used baking powder instead of corn starch!) hahaha

Kodi Mortensen said...

No.... the foam is supposed to happen. It is baking soda, just not too much. We make it all the time. It starts to boil up and foam and you turn it down and then you know go from there!!

Taralee said...

Maybe you should have called me more than ONCE to get the syrup recipe. If you only call once, it's not an emergency and there is no gauranteed time that I will call back. But if you call more than once OR text...I will get back with you ASAP.
Anyway- glad you had fun with mom and dad.
PS. I don't ever want to hear you complain about NOT being spoiled. CAUSE, my dear...I THINK you are! :)
Glad you had fun though.
PSS. You should come to UTAH and teach me how to make a quilt. I forgot how. I'm retarded.

Kodi Mortensen said...

Maybe Tammy was trying to experiment with volcanoes instead of follow a recipe! Your dad was probably giving directions they make volcanoes a lot in fifth grade!

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

As if we needed more ammunition for a good nickname for you within the family, you go and give us Little Red Riding Bra or The Big Boob...oh the possibilities are endless. Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Take care and we miss you.