December 9, 2008


Hi everyone. Danica asked me (her mom, Tamra) to post these pictures to her blog for her. She's quite the little organizer, if I do say so myself. Here are all her tree decorations and presents all wrapped and ready to go on and under the tree. No tree yet but she's hoping her brother in law will bring it to her soon so she can get her tree up. Here it is December 9 and she still doesn't have it up. She's liable to get a little testy if he doesn't show up with that tree pretty soon!!!!

By the way, Danica made most of these decorations herself. The rag garland, the polka dot Christmas balls, the stars, the little multi-colored balls made out of ribbon, and the bells that have a cute little bow tied at the top. She's quite the handy little lady, isn't she???

Danica has been hand-making all the name tags for her Christmas gifts. So cute. See the little ribbons and stuff that she put on them.

Here is a closeup of the bell with the bow she tied at the top to add a little color.
I think this girl may very well have more decorations that her mother!! and that's hard to believe. anyway, look at those cute stockings. She made those by hand last year, too, and came up with the pattern for the little santas she sewed on there all by herself.

Here are some other things she made. See the little santa and the two little reindeer sitting on the top of her candle sticks. She made those last year as well. She even made some for me, too.
We made these trees out of torn swatches of Christmas fabric and dowel sticks during Thanksgiving. They look real cute with the little reindeer sitting at the bottom of them.

Still more decorations. What a festive looking little house. When she gets her tree up, she'll probably be so excited she might pee her pants. hahaha

Hmmm, now that I know her password, maybe I'll have to post some really good stories on her blog. Believe me, we have LOTS of them! haha We love Danica so much. She is talented, beautiful, sweet, feisty, tender, and so much fun. We miss seeing her and hope that she and Cody get to come home for Christmas. We're excited to see them again. We LOVE them!


Taralee said...

wow! You definatley has WAY more stuff than i do. I'm lucky to have a tree and a couple of stalkings. Someday I plan to have as much stuff as mom. You WELL ahead of me. All the decorations are SO cute.

Eldredge Family said...

Your home is so cute! I love all of your decorations! I love the trees made out of stripes of fabric. Christmas time is so much fun. I really like the wood candy cane hanging on the wall.

TrAvIs aNd SaVaNnA said...

Hey Danica, Its Savanna and Travis! I just found your blog on here! Congrats on getting married. All your decorations are super cute! Are you guys living in the valley?

Kassi Jane said...

danica this is kassi,,, email me if you want to be invited to my blog.... I just have to tell you I think you have the nicest husband he says the nicest stuff about you on the blog! hope things are going good for you !

pete/chris whipple said...

Wow Danica, you are very talented within the craft dept! I loved all your cute Christmas Dec. You and Cody come east a little bit and come see us!