January 14, 2008

A Lacking Post

These are the stockings I made along with a few other decorations that I had made or got from my mom! Those are my "Family" blocks my parents made me- they are now on our book shelf and I love love love them!
This is the cute window treatment that I came up with with the left over balls and garland because the tree was so small. I know this is all outdated but I wanted to share anyway. This is what our house looked like with the other decorations. It was cute! And then this is the board I got for Christmas. It is hung in my red, yellow and black kitchen.
It is really cute!


Jessica said...

i love those candle sticks!

Cody and Danica said...

Thanks I got them for real cheap too because the store was going out of business...they're cute plus an amazing deal...can't ever beat that!

Tamra and Jim said...

Danica, you are so creative. I love the way you decorated for Christmas. And all your decorations for that matter. You are very good at what you do!