January 7, 2008

Take Me!

Hello everyone, this is Cody. I know I have never posted anything on "our blog" as Danica puts it, but I had to tell this story because it's so funny; well at least to me. So last night, Danica and I pulled out my brand new marble chess set I got for Christmas ; (Thanks Jim and Tamra) and we played Take Me. It's not the game you guys are probably thinking of! It's the opposite of chess, you want to lose all your players to win. About the third game of the night, after Danica had taken notes on how all the players move, I was just looking at her. She looked up at me and started to cry! I asked what was wrong? She said she loved the fact I just look at her. Then she says; "but mainly cause I suck at this game!!!" I started laughing, my Danica crying cause she can't win. It's ok though, she almost beat me the last game. She learned quick and is so smart. I just love her to death.


Tamra and Jim said...

Hi, Cody! It's good to hear from you. Thanks for posting this story about Danica! So cute and it made me laugh. I'm glad you love my daughter! --tamra

Rustino Scar said...

WOW. haha. I love this story. It is definitely the same Danica as always. She is so smart and quick to catch on, but can get upset so easily. haha. COdy, thanks for taking care of her. You do a great job! Danica, i love you! I hope you guys are doing great!!!

Kristen said...

Very cute!