April 7, 2009

The Weekend in Thatcher

Crazy Logan
Miss Kate

So I tried to come up with a catchey title but seriously my mind is totally blank.

Anyways, we started out our trip about 10:30 (ok that WAS the planned time but I got a little side tracked and finally at 10:42 Cody shoved me out the door...which led to me forgetting my camera). Things went smoothly until we hit construction outside of Globe for about 40 minutes which resulted in the biggest tickle fight ever. I'm pretty sure every tendon, ligament and muscle in my left hand was pulled, stretched and tweeked but it was so worth it. In Globe we ate Taco Bell and this is the start of ALL the Mexican food during the weekend (still suffering from it). Finally we pulled into Thatcher, the most windy I've ever seen it and headed to the church to help decorate for the party! The party was a lot of fun and it was so good to catch up with everyone! We were served taco salad. That night Cody and I stayed at the Rapier's house, ate Blue Bell Mint Chip ice cream and KILLED Shannon and Ryan at THEIR game Carcassone. It was beautiful. Last time we played with them, we beat them too. I think they regret teaching us how to play but we will forever enjoy the taste of victory (I'd also like to say, they slotter us all of the time).

Saturday Shannon and I went to a few garage sales where I found a lamp, antique mirrors, and a train for the little one. Cody keeps saying he likes the lamp and I think he now trusts my taste. Its only taken two years!! We all went out to lunch at La Casita. I have been craving that place since we moved and I believe I ate about two huge bowls of chips, a whole salsa dispenser and my whole burrito by myself. Just thinking about it makes me sick but it was so worth it. Then we went to Marilyn's and hung out all day just doing whatever and keeping my language under wraps which I was pretty much successful except when I was playing trains with Shannon and Melinda. I was so close to an amazing play when Shannon calls out as nicely as possible but it was more like I-love-sticking-it-to-ya type voice "Last turn." I just stared at the board and said, "da.......dangit." She ended up winning. Go figure. Mexican left overs were served but I didn't eat...anything. I was still stuffed from lunch. That night Cody, me, Shannon and Ryan stayed up till 1:30 just chit chatting and watching the Rapier's 2008 video which left me in tears yet again. Oh how I miss going over there whenever and babysitting their kids. There is a little girl, almost 10 so not THAT little, who constantly is watching what I'm doing which is actually pretty scary. I will just apologize now for anything she does because I corrupted my best friend growing up too and I still think some of her choices were because of my influence.

Sunday I tried to listen to conference but I just decided when there are that many people around, I can't concentrate worth a darn so I gave up and played with the kiddos and that was my heaven anyways. I just can't believe how much they've all grown up!! We made our way home at five but had a few delays like me throwing up right after eating some dinner but made a safe return from an awesome weekend.

Oh and several relatives made it aware that they blog stalk me. Grand. It didn't really hit me until I was saying my prayers the night we got home that I am A LOT more vocal than the Claridge Clan. I would like to think I am going to try harder to keep myself a little more under control next time but at the same time I think, this is how I am. I'm working on finding a balance.


Tamra and Jim said...

I'm glad you had a nice time in Thatcher. You two needed a little break and some time off together.