April 13, 2009

Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

Cody had to go to the Diamondbacks game for an assignment for one of his classes (after you pay for the tickets). We had a great time minus the two slivers in my foot. He bought me cotton candy which I have wanted since we went to the Graham County Fair back in 07!!! He went to the bathroom and came back with it and said, "I knew you'd complain and whine until you got it." Nothing like a back handed sweet gesture! I enjoyed every bite! We also bought two "value" hot dogs. Meaning they're $1.50 which is saying, "You're not good enough for the $5.00 hot dog" (which probably tastes the exact same) The Diamondbacks won 8 to 4 I believe and I was growing restless after 3 innings so you can imagine how I was in the 9th inning when the pitcher just couldn't manage to get that third strike!


Taralee said...

GLAD YOU HAD FUN AT THE GAME. I sure miss going. :(
Go D-backs.
I'm also glad that you enjoy the sicky-icky cotton candy. You always loved that stuff.

Tamra and Jim said...

cotton candy. yummm