April 28, 2009

R.I.P. Itsy Bitsy Mitzi

I got a phone call today from my dad and he informed me they are putting the half blind bi*** down. I immediately said, "No. I want to tell her goodbye." He said, "Yeah its time. She's blowing snot everywhere." "Give her a kiss for me." "Absolutely not. She is rotting." Its true, the poor little dog has been rotting for years and smelling up my parents whole house with her diseased back and since they just spent oodles of money on new carpet, I doubt they want that smell around again. So Rest In Peace little dog.

I will never forget just how little you were when mom and dad brought you home. I woke up to a little rat looking creature sleeping on my neck but you were cute.

You never could figure out how to drink from a water dish because you never learned to suck so we had to get you a rabbit feeder because well you're a bit handicapp.

I'll miss how you broke up play fights and would attack anyone who tried to "hurt" mom but most of the time you got kicked out of the way while us humans had our fun.

I always wanted to put clothes pins on your ears so they would stay down so you would actually look attractive and not like Yoda but you wouldn't let me.

You weren't that into fetch.

Everytime you went pee out front you would take forever and we always said, "potty up." Thats how you knew what you were supposed to do. Sometimes in the snow though, you barely made it two feet before just squatting on the porch because you were such a wimp when it came to cold weather.

You always had a way of tattletaling on the other dogs when they messed in the house.

Your labor was always so dramatic and dad would have to pull your puppies out for you but you were a good mom.

We all thought it was hilarious when you started going blind and you would run into things but now I feel bad for laughing.

I think the funniest thing anyone ever called you was "Half-blind Bi***" when Rustin commented about you getting lost in Ruidoso and mom and Ryan looked for you forever.

Once you became diseased I never really pet you anymore but I was always happy to see you and glad you greeted me everytime I came home. You were a very forgiving dog because I remember several times I told you to "shut the hell up" if you barked more than two times.

When you started itching constantly thats when you were renamed from Itsy Bitsy Mitzi to Itchy Bit**y Mitzi but it was a nickname out of love!

So farewell my little dog that I grew up with and always made room on the couch for. I will miss you and I hope my mom is able to hold up without you. You were definitely her favorite...next to Rustin of course.
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Rustino Scar said...

:'( I'm so sad to hear about her. She was such a good dog. She always kept her distance, but only because she liked a foot massage more than hands. Probably because she was at a safer distance.
p.s. sorry for calling you half blind.

Taralee said...

I'm seriously crying right now...but not tears of sadness...just the silent shaking laugher kind. That was great. It made my day (RIP itchy bitchy- no offense, you really were a great dog.)
I was going to do a u-goo-ga-lee (because I'm a ugoogalizer) on my blog, but there is NO way that I can top that.
Oh....ha ha ha ha. So funny.

Tamra and Jim said...

She raised so many fat little healthy puppies. They were all so cute. She was the best little mama. I will miss her a lot. She was a good friend, pet and companion. Always happy to see me when I came home, even if I was grouchy after a bad day. She never ran off and she loved to GO. Didn't matter where. Just GO. It's sad she got old but it was just her time. I'll see her again some day. I'm sure of it. It's been a sad day but I'll be OK. I just kind of miss her right now.

Liz said...

This is so sad. I feel bad for you mom Mitzi has been a good and loyal companion for a long time. She had a really good life and was so loved!

Eldredge Family said...

okay this is sad. I really liked that dog as well. I cry at the drop of a hat these days so really this is very sad. I have been having some really weird experiences with dogs lately so its just weird she passed.
I am so sorry for your families loss of a family pet. I liked how she sat under your moms bouncing foot!

Taralee said...

Ok, so I have a sick sense of humore. It really is sad...and I apppologize for laughing...but I was ONLY laughing at the memories. I will miss her too. She was such a good little dog and so smart and a good mommy.