February 13, 2009

Thank You Plunger Stories

Last nite I got to go to enrichment. I have not been to an enrichment activity since...uh since I was the teacher in singles ward. (at least that I can remember). Cody told me, "No offense Danica, but I need you to go so I can do homework." Basically, "You're loud and obnoxious when I'm studying." (only studying?) Well I went not sure what to expect but we made Valentine's cards. I sat down while everyone ate (they only had salads...no thanks) and then everyone came around me. Before ya know it, I'm telling stories about my miracle job as a janitor and how I had to unclog toilets! I had everyone laughing. I was reminded then just how cool I am! So this will probably be the only positive shout out towards my job....thank you for the clogged toilets today so I could make friends!

I just decided my life for entertainment is not complicated.


Tamra and Jim said...

i'm glad you went. I wish I had been there to hear and laugh at your stories. You're way too much fun to stay home and be bored. I'm glad you let Cody get some studying done. love you!

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Sorry I missed the entertaining stories. I bet I could rival you with the enema I had to give poor little Kate today...now that was one big clog! Nasty! The things a mom does...I'm glad you're making friends in your ward. They will be so helpful when you have the baby and need help, advise, a night out, whatever. Sorry you guys didn't get to come this weekend, but we hope to see you soon. We leave Sunday for Disneyland and are soooo excited! Abby's goal is to ride on Cal. Screamin' until she pukes...fun! That shouldn't take too long. Until later...keep on plungin'

Karalyn said...

You are such a nut. I was just checking out your blog and had to laugh. I also saw the count of the baby. I am taking a class right now and we are studying the normal development of a baby. Did you know that their whole palate is formed by the time you are 12 weeks along. Pretty cool huh???

Taralee said...

You seriously are so funny.
"they only had salads...no thanks." I can totally see your facial expression.
I love it how you also said that "everyone came around me"...WHOA- aren't you just too cool for school Walter Crankright.
I'm glad you made some friends! You are obviously WAY too cool NOT to have any friends. I love ya.