February 18, 2009

The Perks

I guess being a janitor at a 5 star (I'm assuming) has its perks, like first off cleaning up after rich people and taking their tips, which happen to be, "you should clean the dust off the tv." "Thanks, I'll get right on it." But there are also days like today where you run into Kix Brooks, ya know from Brooks and Dunn, playing golf and cleaning toilets with him near by and him carrying on a conversation with yours truly about concerts and he can get me back stage passes and tickets for their next tour. I was giddy like a little school girl as I stood there with my broom in hand, smiling at him and WISHING that the above had happened but instead, I saw him approaching and all of me froze except for my eyes which followed his every move. He probably was thinking, "Dang these are some clean toilets and sidewalks, she should go far in life." or at least thats what I tell myself. I didn't get a picture and I didn't even get to sing "Neon Moon" or "My Maria" or "Brand New Man" which I am so upset I didn't. Had I have done that, and you best believe that he would've asked me to be his opener on his next tour.

However, I've had those songs stuck in my head since then.

And yes I was star struck.

Comments I got from people when I told them:
Mom: "Did you get an autograph or smile or anything? Did he use your clean restroom?"

Taralee: after telling her I wish I would've sang, "You should've sang, I'm a "Hard Working Man"...or lady."

Ryan: "Kick him."


Tamra and Jim said...

OK, you told me Ryan said, "You should have kicked him. That way he would remember you and it would give you something to think about while you sat in your jail cell." haha Was that a lie??? haha It DOES sound like something Ryan would have said. Next time you run into some celebrity, I expect you to be ready with your camera and a pen and paper. Got it???

Cody and Danica said...

no all he said was to kick him. I added the part that it would give me something to think about while i sat in the jail cell. i never text that to anyone else but you. I guess i didn't clarify.

C said...

Haha! That's awesome! I would have acted the same way, or stupider :) I'm with your mom - next time be ready with a pen and paper!

Rustino Scar said...

sorry for the lack of response. I guess I just see so many famous people that it didn't phase me.

Taralee said...

I loved this post. Once again- you crack me up. I REALLY thought that you talked to him and he got you tickets.
I also loved the image that was placed in my head as this super star is out playing golf and sees the little white ganitor gal gazing/staring at him....ha ha...love it! :)
I also love Ryan's comment.