February 2, 2009

Mmm Ice Cream

I could eat all day...or at least think about it because I try to and then I would just rather starve than gag down food. Somehow tho I'm managing to gain weight. Typical. Well last week Cody bought Blue Bell ice cream. Mint Chocolate Chip. It is absolutely amazing and it is my favorite brand of all time. Well we usually try to eat equal amounts but he had an extra bowl one day. I was wanting to finish it today but then I probably forgot what was I was doing when I opened the freezer door. Tonite he pulled it out and got a spoon and was about to finish it off when I interrupted his DREAM. I told him it was mine and I wanted it. He put it on the table and said "fine you can have it" in the most saddened voice ever so I said, "We can share just give me two bites." "All there is is two bites." We started eating as he spoon fed me as I read blogs and I started to notice how my bites were absolutely tiny and his were heaping. I called him out. He knew he was guilty and started to laugh but he finished the last big bite when I had a mere taste!

Oh I just read this to him and if I could record his voice everyone would know he is lying because he is yelling, "WHATEVER! You're such a freakin liar! Whatever! Tell them I'm not a liar and that I gave you huge bites." "Mhmm!" (like a black lady) is my only reply.


Taralee said...

We all know how much you LOVE ice cream. You and mom! :)