February 24, 2009

Just Cuz its Something to Do

I have nothing to say of any importance and I could be cleaning my house or cooking dinner but who wants to do those things?

I've been thinking about starting a little journal so one day this kid can look back and read it and realize he/she was a terror long before I ever met him/her. I'm sure it would also be full of love and excitement.

After years and years of looking for a fantastic hair stylist, I found one when we moved here. I called today and the business is shut down. Are you kidding me?

Cody has been winning things at work like everyday for opening Cabelas accounts. He's one of the top for Cabela's! You go honey! Today he won 1/2 of fudge. 1/4 carmel praline and the other 1/4 cheesecake. I have a headache from too much sweets. But oh it was divine!

Got my oil changed and the guy suggested an alignment. He's a nice guy who cut me a break with my breaks and said, "its only 70 bucks." I then had to visit the bathroom. jk. I just looked at him with big eyes and said, "Right." And then took a seat.

As I sat and cried in my room today I thought, I'm an idiot. I could've been graduating in May with my bachelors. I guess I like going job to job and not knowing if I'll even have one as of tomorrow.

Cody and I have somehow grown closer through the blood, guts and tears and I couldn't be more thankful. If I would've gotten pregnant that first "scare" a month after we were married, I don't see how we would've made it happily. We've grown up a bit...at least most days.

With that said, our life is up in the air. We love the budget cuts ASU is getting and not knowing if ASU West will even be open next year. So its like, well we could renew our lease, keep our jobs and be stuck here for another year (yes stuck where no one visits....ehum Rapiers when your 3 miles away but you could go see the Echols. Nice.) and Cody would have to commute to school, or move to Tempe and have to search for jobs again (oh wait, I do that all the time!) What to do. What to do. My headache just got worse.

I have nothing else on my mind other than being nauseated and hungry.


Tamra and Jim said...

well, you definitely have a lot to think about. I wish ASU would announce if they are closing the west campus for certain degrees. real soon would be helpful, huh? Hang in there. Cody is doing great at his job. they are sure hard to find. it is NEVER to late to get enrolled in school, miss. See what taralee is doing?? She's doing it and so can you.

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

I was coming up with a pithy response to your comments on our not visiting, but you got me. To be completely honest, I did not realize that we were only three miles away. However, I blame you for getting a job. If you hadn't gotten a job, I told Shannon we were going to ask you to watch Kate, but NOOO!!!, you had to go get work. As far as stopping in to see you on our way home, you would have wanted no part of us. It was ugly at that point. We will be better and come and see you soon. Good Luck with everything. I read a quote that was quite good today. Life is what happens to you while you are making plans. Sounds like you can relate to that very well. Love you guys.

Rustino Scar said...

Glad to hear that you have started changing the oil in the cars. :)

Cody and Danica said...

i wondered if anyone would say anything rustin