February 2, 2009

The Super Bowl and Cody is Going to Kill Me

Oooook, last nite we watched the Super Bowl as did every other American I know except for a couple of in-laws which I'm sorry but it makes you un-American. haha. But go ahead...have your goals haha jk! (I'm laughing pretty hard at how funny I am right now.)

During the game, I actually paid attention. I knew what was going on most of the time but if my mind would wander for a little bit as to what I should eat next or how amazing our pizza was from Little Caesars...yep broke the Sabbath Day for pizza and Dr. Pepper and it was absolutely fabulous to the taste buds no doubt, or that when I close my lips real tight and push my cheeks towards my nose, I look totally ridiculous, or trying to tell Cody funny things that happened during my day at work...ok ok I really did pay attention for the most part. I called Roethlisberger, Ruthlessburger everytime they said his name and thought I was so clever. Cody has gotten good at tuning me out. I'll be honest, I have to tune myself out sometimes.
It was fun watching the game and understanding what was going on and I'll admit, Cody TOTALLY gave up hope at half time. It was sad how he was acting, but not me. I crossed my fingers the whole time and just kept saying, "Come on Cards! Come on!" Oh and Cody did start getting back into the game at the end and I was so proud to be his wife. Then I started impersonating my dad how he would probably be acting about the million personal fouls the Cards got. He would be throwing his hands in the air, leans up in his chair and this mean look comes across his face, snaps his fingers and throws himself back in chair and kinda rubs his head. Believe me...us kids know exactly what I'm talking about. We're talking about the guy who threw a sweater at a ref after a game because well the ref sucked and we had lost the game. Anyways, we were disappointed with the outcome but eh maybe next year, but only if Warner comes back. He is amazing.After the game we watched The Office. Absolutely hilarious. Dwight is the stupidest person ever. I really feel that those that do not watch it are missing out.

Then we turned on my favorite Sunday night show, Desperate Housewives. Yes I know how incredibly ridiculous that show is and how NOT appropriate a lot of things are but hey, my kid can't hear it yet so I am going to continue to fill my life with crap for a few more months before I have to be the role model in this household. Awesome theory I know. Well in this episode, the mother (completely psycho) of Gabby (main character) is telling Carlos (Gabby's husband) that when Gabby was growing up, she was totally jealous of her (the mom) and would try on her shoes and make up and clothes. Basically describing every girl in the world and how they play dress up like mom. Duh. I told Cody I used to do that also and I thought my mom's feet were sooo big but I loved her black and white heals. Pretty sure she still has them actually and they still are too big for me. Cody then looked at me with a complete serious look on his face and said, "yeah when I played dress up, those heals were a b****." I about died laughing. He then realized what he said and he totally didn't mean to say the b word but man was it absolutely hilarious! He tried to pawn the dress up over to his youngest brother Clinton but I just don't buy it because he was SO serious about those heals


Tamra and Jim said...

Danica...i do think you are going to have to temper some of your behaviors now that you are going to be a mother. you'll be amazed at how it is going to change your perspective for the better. (and your language for the better, too, I hope.)

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Sounds awesome. I must apologize for the outcome. I went in and was watching the entire time with Dave and Clinton until the Cards went down 20-7. Then I gave up and went and played cards with Shannon and Marilyn. Anyway, I hear David scream YEAH! about the safety and ran in to see the replay and then I went to finish the hand we were on. By then, they scored another touchdown. So I gave up on cards and went and finished the game. Where of course they lost. So me watching was clearly the jinx. Oh well. It was fun all the same.

Tamra and Jim said...

Boy you need to try and hit a few more nerves in your writing - Ha! I never knew that my gestures were so closely watched. Amazing how you can rant about my gestures, but can you explain a lesson I tried to teach you? Do you remem ber the one when you lied to the neighbor lady, or took the silverware? We raised some pretty darn good kids dispite my short comings as a parent. I am so proud of you and your siblings.

Rustino Scar said...

funny, because sometimes when I read your blog I tune you out too.


kind of.

I'm glad that you guys are having fun and enjoying life. it was great chatting with you tonight! love you guys!

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

In Cody's defence, we (his sisters) did force him to "let" us give him make-overs and dress him up. Cruel, I know. Even better...I have pictures somewhere. Maybe I'll look around a bit for them...

Tamra and Jim said...

Rustin's comment totally cracked me up. hahaa still laughing about that one. and I DO need to see the pictures that Shannon is looking for of Cody!!! ;o)

Taralee said...

Rustin's commment...ha ha ha.

And yes: totally can see you impersonating our dear father! So funny...so TRUE!
Cody can borrow some of my heels if he wants too- just for old time sakes! ;)
Sad that the cardinals lost- but yes- it was a good game. Better luck next year!