July 29, 2009

Last Minute Stay

My parents called and told me they would pick me up in Globe on our way from Thatcher and I could stay till Tuesday. My dad had to go to the valley for a doctor appointment anyways so we figured why not...I have the week off. We're driving along through the canyon (maybe flying) when I felt my spaghetti take a turn for the worst. I asked for a cup. I got a lid that goes on a to go cup on a sundae at Dairy Queen. Great. I told my parents, my throwing up has changed over the years and it has become a projectile event! A few minutes later, I said pull over. I couldn't find my shoes and swear I was standing in an ant hill but I took care of business. My mother always has some type of beverage while traveling but not this time so I had an awesome taste in my mouth and asked for some gum to help settle my stomach. As soon as the gum was tasting great, I said, "pull over again." This time there wasn't a place so I rolled down the window and was leaning my whole body out (hoping not to get hit in the head by something) and throwing up again but not only was I throwing up, I just happened to be really gassy also so every time I would heave forward to launch, my back end had a mind of its own. I would start laughing and say excuse me and still puking. I do not recommend this. My stomach was so sore and I felt real bad for my dad. I'm dying laughing just thinking about it! Then to top it off, we finally got stopped but I couldn't find the door handle and once I did, the stupid door was locked. I told my dad I would clean his truck for him. After all that we were on our way again and my dad said, "you're a lot of fun to travel with." in a very dry sarcastic tone. It was hilarious.

Monday I visited my mom at work when one of her co-workers walked by and asked if I ever go home cuz I was there last week and I said, "I'm just like a bad rash." It was funny.

Monday night I went to get a trim but somehow convinced to cut it into a bob! I'm crazy right! Absolutely not! I love it. It makes me look so grown up instead of looking like a pregnant teen. Maybe now people won't question me! So what do you think?

Cody loves it!


The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

I love it! its cute. You are so funny, i hate to laugh cuz ew how sad for you but you make it so funny i have to!

Liz said...

Oh my you poor girl! What a trip...I feel so bad that you are still so sick! I stayed sick the entire pregnancy with Jessica and it sucked. I LOVE your hair cut by the way.

Kaylee Smith said...

haaahahahahaha!! i'm sorry nothing like rolling old school.. like peeing in a bottle or something:)

Cody and Danica said...

ok i'm in love with my hair!

Orin, Minette and Sadie Packard said...

Your hair cut is way cute! I love it too! Did someone up here cut it for you cause everytime I find someone I really like, they end up moving or I move...I need to find someone good again!?