March 20, 2009


Today started like any other day, I got up and peed at 5 am, had a night mare and had Cody hold me, later he elbowed me in the mouth, then my alarm went off and I hit snooze 4 or 5 times. Anyways, on with my story, I took the Stratus to work and decided if it just had some body work done to it, I wouldn't hate it so much...not to mention it has a really loud engine. I was cruising and listening to "Big Pimpin" one of my favorites. Everyday I go down a road with construction but I just go with the flow of traffic and speed. Well unfortunately, I was the head of the pack today and even more UNFORTUNATE there was a Sheriff sitting by the 25 MPH sign while I was still going 46 mph. :D He got me. I knew he got me. The Sheriff passed cars to catch up to me in the zone oh and by this time I had slowed to like 15. I basically just waited for him to turn his lights on and kept praying Cody had put the proof of insurance in the cubby. I prayed hard but was so afraid to look. As soon as we were out of the zone, there goes his lights but my heart was already sunk so it didn't make a difference whether there were lights or not. He came up to the car and the conversation went like this:
Sheriff: "Have any idea why I pulled you over?"

Me: "I was probably going a tad fast" in a sweet innocent voice. (One you would never imagine me to have)

Sheriff: "Try 21 over."

Me: "Eek" and a look of total remorse and a look like I just crapped my pants.

We have a quick conversation about where I'm headed and why my tags are registered in Show Low. He also thought he recognized me from a previous traffic violation but I told him I have never been pulled over since I moved here. I did say that with much pride and dignity!
Sheriff: "Can I see your license, registration and proof of insurance."

Me: "No problem" but I'm really thinking, "please oh please be in the cubby"...and it was! THANK YOU CODY FOR LISTENING!

He walks away and in the mean time, I'm praying for my life because I know Cody is going to kill me if I get another ticket (I currently have 4 on my record...not counting traffic school....slow learner). He comes back but wtih no clip board. I am thinking, "I'm so busted. Here comes the cuffs."

I took a deep breath and kinda stuck my head out of the window so I could see him better, I was basically parked in a ditch and could only see the ground.

Sheriff: "One of two things will happen. One I arrest you for criminal speed in a construction zone which is DOUBLE the fine plus there were workers present. ............ or Two, I give you a verbal warning and you slow down."

Me: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I then took off with the biggest smile EVER and set my cruise.

Ya know all I can really say is HOLY CRAP! How did that even happen? How did I get so lucky? I think it was because I never swore or blamed anyone but myself. I was going to take blame and accept consequences but that doesn't mean I didn't say a quick prayer! And I thought the time I got pulled over going 76+++ in a 65 on my way to church was bad (he clocked me AFTER I came around the corner...would it have been before...I would've never made it to church that day or for the next year!) Moral of these stories, "Only we can learn from our mistakes."

I think I've finally learned.


Anonymous said...

Nah, you haven't learned, you just got lucky and looked so innocent in the status. You'll get another ticket. You drive too much like your oldest bro. Keep the eyes open and the pedal to the metal... glad you squeaked by this time. Dad

Tamra and Jim said...

well, let's hope you've learned. You can't afford any more tickets!!!

Tamra and Jim said...

don't listen to your dad!!!!!

jasonandjannafamily said...

Haha I love how you tell stories, they are the best :)