March 6, 2009

Nauseas.Eyes Popping Out.Migraine

Ever had such a bad headache your eyes feel like they're going to explode and no matter what medicine you take or how much water you drink, nothing takes the edge off. Thats how I am today. I woke up feeling a little ugh and its just gotten worse and the smell of canned chicken doesn't help but since we don't have anymore trash bags, I'll deal with that. Anyways on the reason I'm posting.... funny memories that have come to mind. I am going to do funny stories I don't want to forget of someone in my family once a week. This week-my dad.

Dad-oh where to start...

After pulling some strings, I was able to go with him to Sea Camp when I was in 3rd grade. I ate a bag of doritos and had lots of water while driving through the Salt River Canyon. I knew I was getting sick but in fear of looking stupid in front of the 5th graders by my dad telling me to, "Sit up and watch the yellow line and breathe in some cool, fresh air" I leaned up to tell him I was getting sick and right then I launched all over him and the cell phone. It was disgusting. By the time he pulled over, I was finished and felt much better.

Pointing out to my whole 5th grade class that my dad's crack was showing when he bent over. He requested a student out of his classroom that day.

When he and my mom made me go easter egg hunting when I was 18! Of course they hid them all in the front yard. I put my mom's dish rag over my head and they laughed so hard. I still find no humor in it however. :D

No matter how many times he's been pulled over by the police and possibly arrested, he still loses his cool and mumbles choice words and it becomes very awkward for everyone. I act the same way.

As embarassing as this is for me to admit I will, he paid a boy to ask me to a school dance. In the mean time, I got asked by someone else and then the kid my dad paid asked me too. I ended up going with the first guy!

A lot of trips we took ended up with dad getting frustrated about the traffic or getting lost or mom navigating wrong (aka dad not listening to mom's directions) he would do this hand thing (no not the middle finger) and rub his head. He still does it and we still laugh!

When I hit that stage in my life, my dad always told me I was blossoming and I was always embarassed.

When he fell through our rotten deck.

Thinking he was getting electricuted while cleaning.

Almost hitting my aunt Karalyn's truck Christmas day when he slid on the ice. It felt slow motion but he said the s word in slow motion also. It was classic. Miraculously the tire hit a patch of pavement and stopped.


The way I use a toothpick

Playing the drums on the dashboard

Singing along whether I know the words or not

My faith is tried over and over but never ceases

Singing "Be Still My Soul" when times are hard

Always right (whether or not anyone else thinks so is a different story)

I love you Dad!

Next week-Its mom's turn


Eldredge Family said...

I needed to read this post! Thank you for the laughs and giggles! I vomited all of my Dad as well "RED Licorice". My Dad has Papa Doys butt AKA no butt! Easter egg hunting that is funny! Can't wait to hear about your MOM!!

C said...

That's cute. You are a lot like your Dad, lol.

Tamra and Jim said...

i'm already looking forward to next week. haha

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Love it! It makes me miss my dad. I think they would've gotten along just peachy. He would LOVED you!

Anonymous said...

The war is

Tamra and Jim said...

Not really. I have a lot of fond memories. You were an awesome kid to raise. ...DAD

Liz said...

Danica I feel bad that you even know what a migraine feels like...they have been my "heck" on earth...having suffered with them almost daily for about 26 years now. They are so debilitating not to mention the pain. Your about to reach that point in your pregnancy when you will start feeling better again! Hang in there. Now the stuff about your dad was a hoot. Teele also plays the drums on the dashboard and if he isn't dong that he's picking his "Non existant fingernails" or he's tapping the red button on the jake must be a Reidhead thing :) I would love to comment about the comment you left on my blog but I would like to email you. If you could send me your email address mine is Can't wait to read about your mom...I think your parents are awesome!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Hay Danica if you are still getting migraine's there is a perscription for migraine's that preagnant women can take. Crystal always gets migraines and they gave her one. When I was preagnat with Payten I got some really bad ones and she gave me some of her pills. The only bad thing is they knocked us on our butt.

I loved reading about your Dad!!

Taralee said...

What a lovely IDEA!! That was fantastic. I laughed out loud at almost every single one. Do you mind if I do it? I don't want to one-up you....I guess I have kind of done it with my "remember when" posts.
Anyway I really did love it. Dad's awesome.
Sorry about the headaches. I'm not so sure what to tell you. Just get plenty of sleep and drink LOTS of water. And just the hearing about the stress of your life gives me a headache....either that or this stupid seasame street show that Brody is INSIsTiNG on watching.
Sorry about everything. I totally understand the "big picture" thing. It will all work out. I know it totally sucks right problems seems that everyone is having to deal with them right now. Keep the faith. Keep praying. Enjoy the temple. I love you.