March 26, 2009


I have what should be a quick story to tell, but to annoy my brother Rustin, I will make it long, boring and dreadful.

The history of Cody's middle toe.

About a year ago, Cody and I were watching TV at Marilyn's house when he jumped up to go get something, probably food, when he stubbed his toe SO hard on her recliner. He was leaning down over the chair and trying to breathe. I just kept telling him he was a baby and to get over it. He told me that it really did hurt and I was mean (probably true). Well next day, if that long, it was black and blue. I then felt slightly bad that I was mean to him but still laughed on the inside. September 08 his stupid toe nail finally fell off when he was in the back seat of my dad's truck. He wanted me to kiss it. (The gross thing-I was going to but he stopped me.)

Now on with an even funnier story, I hate when I'm dead asleep and Cody gets up to pee and turns the light on and leaves the door open so that it wakes me up. Aggravating. He hasn't done that in quite some time but last nite, he did. I didn't say anything but I could hear him just fine. He flushed and started walking, hit the lights, THUD, "son of a......", light back on. I'm in bed and yell, "TURN OFF THE LIGHT" in my manica voice and he says with a broken heart, "I just broke my toe." "Shh." "You don't even care." "Sorry." This morning I woke up and got ready for work and before I left, I went to kiss Cody goodbye. He said his toe is still throbbing so I ask to look at it. Sure enough its the same toe and its black and blue. I just start laughing so hard. Later I asked him to do the dishes and he yells out, "I don't know if I can TOE MURDERER!" Me-laugh laugh laugh. I asked if he remembers saying that and he doesn't but he did! Oh its classic.
I do feel bad for him and I'm sorry I find such humor in it but come on...what spouse wouldn't think thats funny?


Rustino Scar said...

ummm, seriously? "Bossy" is on your playlist? That's the only thing that kept me on your page. jk. Cool story, Manica.

(I wasn't annoyed, in fact, I was glad to hear from you. i miss you sometimes)

Stephanie Clites said...

I'm still laughing right now! I can hear you guys saying all of this stuff... Poor Cody. But sooooo funny! What are the odds.

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

It must be a Claridge thing. Shannon has mangled her toes on anything and everything that she possibly can. Her number one place to stub her toe? The wheel of the bed frame. You are saying to yourself, wait, that is like 4 inches under the bed. Yes, yes it is. I have been cussed out numerous times for her stubbing her toes on my shoes. Not the ones on my feel that might have moved, no just the ones lying dormant on the floor. The funniest thing about it is that Shannon has some of the smallest feet I have ever seen. Like I said, it must be a family thing.

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Should I get him some kind of custom-made toe guard for his b-day? Be careful what you laugh at...have we ever told "the cooler to the head" story? Let's just say, what goes around comes around, at least it does for me!