March 19, 2009

What are you dreaming!

As most of you know, pregnant women get tired a lot easier and faster. I have found this to be really true with Danica. It will be about 8:30 and she’ll say, “What time is it, like ten? I’m so tired!” And every night without fell I say, “No, its 8:30.” Danica-“Really, I’m SOOO TIRED!” She is so cute, because she would rather stay up and spend time with me than go to bed.

Well last night she made it to bed by 10:00. I stayed up about an hour later and when I crept into the room I found her dead asleep. She had one hand on one of my pillows, (yes we both sleep with more than one pillow) and when I tried to move my pillow to get into bed, she started talking to me. So this is how it went. Danica-“I want that back!” Cody-“What back?” Danica-“My cottage cheese blanket” Cody-“Your cottage cheese blanket?” Danica-“Ya, my scuba diving one….the one that is handmade.” At this point I could resist going and writing this down so I said, “Ok, let me go and get it for you.” Danica-“Thank you” I went back into the front room, wrote it down and had a good laugh. I knew she loved blankets and making them, I just did not know she also dreamt about them.

Danica also has been a trooper so far in the pregnancy. She still works hard and cares so much about others. I feel lucky to have her. Sometimes, those pregnancy hormones kick in (or at least that’s what she calls them) but overall she is so sweet and I love her. She also loves the new car so much, (probably more than me) and I wonder if I’ll ever get to drive it again. Danica has also gotten supersonic smell and hearing since she has been pregnant, so she hates driving the old car because it rattles a bit. What an excuse. O well, at least she is happy and like the saying goes, “If mamma aint happy, no one aint happy!” So true.


Tamra and Jim said...

I'm glad you two are still in love! Thanks for doing this post about her. We love you guys!

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Ryan says, "Welcome to the rest of your life!" as far as the supersonic smell is concerned. I STILL have it! Does she tell you that you stink yet? She will. Don't be offended. Just part of the experience. Hang in there guys! It's all worth it in the end.