September 1, 2009

19 days? 19 DAYS!

I remember back when the little ticker on my blog said 190 days and I thought that was close and now its only 19! Boy oh boy! We're definitely getting anxious and my mind is full of, "so how does this really work? I have to push him out of me? Is that really possible?" Yesterday at my appointment the doc told me I'm almost dialated to a 1 and almost effaced 25%. Hey we'll take it because I better not be having contractions for nothing. We asked if I could be to a 4 by next week and she said, "There's no way." I like to think I'm an over achiever and WILL be that far along....of course I'm also a doubter so I doubt I will be. haha.

I remember growing up my cousins decided to remodel their single wide trailer into more of a home when the wife was about oh 9 months pregnant and I kinda thought she was crazy. Well we're not remodeling a house but we are refinishing some more if doing it when I was 7 months along wasn't hard enough. I'm really excited though. It was a junky antique hutch (china cabinet for those who need it dumbed down) and it is turning into a real nice piece of furniture who will soon call lots of dishes spread throughout my front room and kitchen home! I can't wait. I also can't wait for the fumes to disperse a little more so I don't go to bed with a headache every night. To keep me motivated to finish it, Cody helps me do the maneuvering and sanding and I do the painting and staining. I'm happy with any extra help. I do wish he could do the whole thing but I'm too much of a perfectionist and pretty darn picky so he just says, "you handle it." and I do. Oh and he also bought me the cutest knobs for the drawers and cupboards. It was my "allowance" for like the next three years. haha jk....probably four!

(I've had relatives call me TJ for Tamra Junior. Can't imagine why. ....but I do have a moo moo now just like her. And yes Cody and my Dad both think they are the ugliest things ever.)

Thats it for now. I'm going to attempt sleeping.


Tamra and Jim said...

We're in the countdown now. How exciting. I can't wait. Oh and I bet the hutch is going to be awesome.

Stephanie Clites said...

dude I have a moo moo and it was nice right after hayden was born to wear that with just my G's underneath so when company came over just unzip and feed, no shirt to mess with. haha

Liz said...

I'm so excited for you! Your little one will be here before you know it. You will have to post before and after pic's of your hutch. I bet it's beautiful.

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

can't wait to see you this weekend! I'm bring a "last few weeks survival" kit for you! Think chocolate!