September 22, 2009

Still Waiting

There hasn't been any progress made. His head is still floating around. I'm not dialated nor am I effaced more. They did an ultrasound. Looks healthy and excellent so they don't mind if I stay pregnant longer. I guess my opinion about my body does not concern them whatsoever! The estimated weight is 8.2 pounds. (Bigger than your average watermelon) He has the chubbiest cheeks and loves kicking me in the ribs when I sleep. Thank you son.I'm on stand by to get induced on Thursday so really it could end up being Friday. Not too sure. Waiting for the doctor to call me back on that one. I will not be put on the back burner.

Its weird knowing I'm going to be bringing a baby home this week.

I sat in Stake Conference on Sunday and the only thought on my mind the whole time was this is my last Sunday for a couple weeks. No more maternity clothes. It will never be just Cody and I again. Can I even do this? It was an emotional day for sure. Totally 100% excited but still there is that hesitation of what was I thinking?

Cody and I went on our last date together as just us. He treated me to Olive Garden. The chef came out and asked how it was and I wanted to say, "you know what would make this night just perfect....a handful of those mints." But I didn't and I really wish I would've when the acid reflux kicked in about 2 this morning. Cody then took me to McDonalds for a huge ice cream cone and I was in heaven! Forget the fact that breathing was no longer an option because there was absolutely no room left! We then came home and crashed. Cody at 9 and I at 11.

Still hoping for contractions and to go into labor on my own but I just don't see it happening.


Eldredge Family said...

I have been wondering how you have been doing! Sounds like your hanging in there and having a little bit of fun before all the real fun begins! I love your new hairdo so cute! You really are one of the cutest pg ladies I have ever seen! I can not wait to hear your take on labor and all the fun your about to have! LOL! I am excited for you and Cody! You are going to be terrific parents! Good luck these next few days! I love to paint as well! I think the entire time and I think that is what I like most about it!

Amanda Griggs said...

You're little guy does have the cutest little cheeks! I love it! I was thinking about the other day, and I thought, 'Man, poor girl! She's been pregnant a LONG TIME!' I had Izzy a week early and that was still a long time!

It is very strange bringing home a baby! John and I just looked at each other like 'where the hell are our parents!'After you get a routine down life gets much less hectic! You two are going to be great parents! GOOD LUCK on your delivery, and we are praying for you that you won't have to wait until Friday!!!!!

Tamra and Jim said...

I LOVE his little face. So very cute. We're getting real excited. Hope it happens sooner than later!

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

Just be ready for tomorrow. It just has to be, right? If not, then hang in there and enjoy feeling him try to move around in there. If you feel like there's no more room, think how he must feel! Just look at those cute little squished up cheeks! I'm sure he's as ready as you are. Enjoy it. Your whole world is about to get rocked...and it's awesome! We're all on pins and needles here. The kids are asking me all the time if you've had the baby yet. We're rooting for you!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Thanx for the update I have been thinking about you. I hope you and your son make it threw labor safe. I think every parent wonders what the heck were they thinking before a new baby arrives. Take me for example my 2 year old still won't sleep threw the night in six LONG months we will have a newborn I think every night WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING. But it is worth it every long night and the dark circles under my eyes I think mine are never going to go away. Anyway good luck and drink some castroil I here that brings on labor!

Jessica Caldwell said...

I'm so glad you posted I have thought about you all weekend wondering how you were. What a good picture of your little man so much detail. It is SO hard to be over due and I totally sympathize with you. But he will be here before you know it. So glad you and Cody got to go out and spend some time together before baby makes three.
As always I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and I'm also praying for your's hard on us grandma's too. Always such a relief to see our babies delivered all safe and sound!

Liz said...

Okay that last comment was from your Aunt Liz not Jessica. She used my puter and didn't log out and I didn't check. Again GOOD LUCK!