January 27, 2010

Snow Storm

I think this is his 5th or 6th time shoveling off the porch
Don't be fooled...I shoveled too. Right before this picture was taken I jumped over to the tree so I would sink as far as possible and lost my balance and fell backwards. Mom laughed. I threw a snow ball at her and she threatened to throw my camera in the snow. Little brat.

Monday, my parents and I, left the valley to head back up to Show Low and it was raining so we put all of our luggage in garbage bags...well dad did it. Mom and I primped while dad did all the packing :). (He is just so good at it) Tuesday my dad had a two hour delay from school and then the rest of the week he had off. Mom was sick Wednesday and Thursday so we pretty much laid around and didn't get much accomplished. It snowed and rained and rained and snowed and snowed some more all week. Translation....we shoveled and ached and ached and shoveled. What a way to get the heart rate going and to hurt yourself. One day this tree fell down and smashed my parents fence.


Eldredge Family said...

I hate being cold! You are brave! I would rather go without food than stand in the cold and shovel snow!