February 4, 2010

The Latest and Greatest of Cole

We've been letting him cry himself to sleep at nap time and bed time. Its been so nice to have him sleeping so much and we don't have to rock him all the time. He cries for a little bit but then sings himself right to sleep. It is so cute. He doesn't take a pacifier unless he's in his car seat in the store and he can't fall asleep otherwise he just talks himself into dream land. He loves to be cuddled and I miss it but I love having time on my hands to chill a bit. Call me selfish if ya want...I call it excellent parenting! :D Cody had to fill the bath tub three times tonight because Cole kept peeing. haha. He laughs now and it is so exciting. Today he was laughing at me when I was laughing at the TV and then I tickled him and he laughed so hard it took his breath away and he didn't know what to do. I love it!
"Oh good. Here's that stupid camera again."
Cody's cousin's baby, Jaycee. She was born Sep 14
They love their hands
Notice he is wearing the "Captain Adorable" shirt. It didn't quite fit me. hahaha
"We all live in a Yellow Submarine...Yellow Submarine...Yellow Submarine" (Thank you Dillards for playing that song 5 times a day)
Another Hair Cut
Swinging at the Park. He loved it! Almost fell asleep.
He didn't quite know what to do with his arms.
Tribute to Cabela's!
He leans forward real far then throws himself back against the couch, especially if he is excited.
"Mom my show is back on. Please move." (Hey at least I got a please.)


TrAvIs aNd SaVaNnA said...

Ah how cute!! He is a doll

Tamra and Jim said...

He is such a cutie. Thanks for the new pictures. I love them. I need a hug from that boy and to hear his laugh!

Kaylee Smith said...

YOOO Danica he is stinken sooo cute!! YOU'RE ONE BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!