January 6, 2010

Just Us Again

He'll sit and chew on his toy all day
An absolute sweet heart
"Whats that over there?"
Cody told Shannon to take me shopping so we went. I didn't think I would find anything but wouldn't you know it...if I have money...it will get spent. I found this new purple coat and cute grey flower! Adorable.


Tamra and Jim said...

I love all your pictures. They turned out really good. Cole is a little doll. We were so glad to have you guys come for Christmas. It was a blast to have everyone here.

Taralee said...

You look so beautiful. That coat is so cute! I love it. You look amazing in that color.
Oh and you little baby is adorable. He has the sweetest face. I just love him so much.

Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

LOVE the coat! It looks so good on you! I was so glas ya'll came to visit. Don't stay away long.

Stormis said...

Danica you look super cute! I love your hair cut. And Cole is soo stinkin cute! How fun for you!