December 7, 2009

...that's my dad

My parents came down this weekend to do a "little" Christmas shopping. (Bout walked me to death) but it was fun. As with any time my dad is driving, there are several u turns and grumbles under everyone's (mom) breath, we eventually made it to all of our some. My dad got to thinking and broke the silence by saying, "All three of my shows are on at the same time tonight."
"Oh yeah? What shows?"
"Well, the Cardinals game, NFR, and Desperate Housewives."

It took a while for anyone to respond. Then Cody said, "Your a man's man!" It was hilarious! I guess it was just unexpected for such a man to say Desperate Housewives!

He didn't want me to blog it but I couldn't resist.


Tamra and Jim said...

I already know that you're in trouble. hahaha

Rustino Scar said...

DH is filth and I can't believe dad watches that crap.

Anonymous said...

Like they say, I don't get mad, I just get even. Best watch your back and ALL the words that you say! Ha! It was funny the way it all came out. We had a good time shopping and hitting all the stores. Wish I would have gotten me a Cinnabon, but I was still so full from Texas Roadhouse. We settled for Hostess - white donuts instead. The joy of living on the mountain. See ya soon. DAD