December 2, 2009

Cole's 2 Month Check Up

So maybe I should rename this blog to "Cole's Blog".

At his two month check up he:

Weighed 10 lbs 4 oz ... 28th Percentile

Head 39 cm... 24th Percentile

Height 24 1/4"...91st Percentile

Long and Lean and as cute as can be.
At two months:
smiling like crazy...but not for a camera
follows voices and objects
knows I'm the milk wagon
finds his thumb and naws on it
doesn't really cry...more or less yells
talks the most when I sing to him...melts my heart
snuggles on my chest
sleeps like a champ
pees in his bath water
very patient
knows if I give him his pacifier it must be time to sleep and he'll fight it
can cause anyone to evacuate a room
hates tummy time still but I swear he'll roll over soon
is fascinated by the Christmas tree
loves it when Cody comes home ( more boring mom)
starting to grasp onto things more but mainly just punches still
if he is put on the carpet he gets a little rash on his face (I think that just mainly reflects my housekeeping though)
gets confused as a girl because of all his hair


Anonymous said...

ya he does kind of look like curious george with the big ears and the hair-do.

Cody and Danica said...