June 30, 2008

Ruidoso...an escape from the HEAT!

Rustin is so dumb! Me and Tara could figure out why Trace was laughing at when he took the picture
Granddaddy, Bradley, Debbie and Rustin at the birthday party
Debbie, Bradley and Glen at the dinner they put on for Nanny and Granddaddy
A bunch of nerds...really
All the cousins that could make it...almost we forgot Kailee :(
Waiting for dinner...we look starved...or something like that
Now there's a good picture
Giant anyone? Anyone? Buller?
The original Gaines Family...we never had a chance to be normal
Me and Brode Man! He is a tank!
My family that rocks. We all look real nice.
Jim and Tammy-they gave us more than we deserved and we are so thankful for them
Nanny and Granddaddy-notice the antlers coming out of the top of Nanny's head-not coincidence folks.


Tamra and Jim said...

Nice pictures, Danica. Your comments crack me up. I could photoshop the antlers off of Nanny's head if you want me to.....

pete/chris whipple said...

Danica, good job with your blog,, you also crack me up! some of your expressions! Chris