June 14, 2008

1 Down-Forever To Go...

And how exciting that is. I am so thankful to be married to Cody Keith Claridge and still have both of us alive after the first year of marriage. Its amazing how much we've learned and grown but there is still alot of room for improvement but I'm glad I'm learning it with the best man I know. For our anniversary we went to New York. We stayed at my brother's house but for the actual anniversary we went to a hotel and stayed. It was so nice and relaxing to just be away and chill and have a king size bed and not fight over covers and what not. I love Cody so much and am so thankful to call him mine!

(I don't have pictures cuz this isn't my computer)....I'm sure you know what we look like tho.


Stormy and Spenser said...

I'm glad you guys stayed alive after a year too! :) ha ha