May 5, 2008

I Love My Family

I had the opportunity to go to Show Low this weekend to see the cutest boy ever! Cody had to stay and work unfortunately but he let me go and it was so fun to be with my parents and Tara and of course Brody. He is the cutest and chunkiest boy ever but I loved it. He was asleep when I first showed up and I could NOT wait for him to wake up. When he did I was amazed at his thighs and ankles...or cankles in his case. I loved squeezing him! We fed him peas and bananas then my mom slipped in a strawberry and his face was priceless. It was a little sour for him but that didn't stop him...he ate up! I didn't see my dad much because he was sleeping alot from his yearly trip to San Diego with his school kids. He was exhausted! He taught the lesson during Sunday School and of course did a fabulous job. He was talking about kids and how the quarrel. He told about a letter Rustin wrote home since living in New York and said, he couldn't remember us kids quarreling. My dad said, "I never remember having to break up a quarrel between our kids". (we're angels) A guy in the back of the classroom said, "did he get hit in the head?" We all laughed...hard. Then my dad said, "but he did remember a time where Danica chased him around the house with a knife." We laughed even harder. I thought a little old lady was going to fall out of her chair. I was so embarrassed.

Here are some pictures...Brody was thinking..."there's that dang camera again...Danica really leave me alone"The only picture I got of him smiling I look like a retard...maybe mom can crop it for me?

He makes me want one!

He was waving bye...he knew they were leaving us again. He is so smart...must've skipped a generation. Just joking! He has really amazing parents!


Taralee said...

Oh nica. Those pictures of Brody are SO cute. ha ha. What a handsome little fellow. Can you email me those? I didn't get any pictures because Trace had my camera.
It was so much fun to see you and hang out with you. It doesn't happen NEARLY enough. LOVE ya.

Tamra and Jim said...

You have an amazing post Danica. I reallly like to see all your handiwork. You're an amazing daughter. I'm so proud of you.
Love, Dad