May 19, 2008

Cody's 24 Birthday!

Yesterday was Cody's 24th birthday. We went out to dinner on Saturday and they gave him a piece of cheesecake. It was decent but kinda lumpy. I think I gagged when I tried to swallow it but hey its free so we ate it all! :D We just laid around and watched TV. We stayed up till midnight on Saturday so he could get his present he had been waiting for and a few minutes before midnight he kept saying over and over references of only being 23! Like, "be nice cause I'm only 23 for a few more minutes" or "I'm not going to do what anyone says cuz I'm 23 and 23 is a good number." Just stuff like that for about 10 minutes!
I bought him a Dairy Queen cake. It was delicious.

He also got Mario Kart for Wii. Its pretty fun. He is really good at any game and it just puts me to shame (not hard to do). We actually bought the game when it came out in April but I refused to let him have it till his birthday. He couldn't believe that I actually kept his present from him for that long...actually no one could...but it hid under our bed for that long. I guess I learned from my mom who always kept our presents away from us! We had a get together with his family last nite and had burgers. It was pretty fun. They all loved the game and of course my awesome chocolate mint brownies! I love Cody so much and am so glad that we'll always be together.
Some things I've learned from Cody (whether I want to admit them or not)
1. Every family is raised different and its ok if they're not like mine
2. I'm the immature one and still likes to be the center of attention
3. If I'm in a cleaning mood, doesn't mean he is
4. Mind reading is impossible
5. It's ok to relax and enjoy a TV show at the end of a good days work (even if there is more work to be done)
6. How to pay attention while reading the scriptures
7. Dirty cars don't reflect a person-especially since its a dark car and we live in a dust bowl.
8. Its ok to live in a 220 sq ft box I mean home and be perfectly happy
9. He has a soft spot for children no matter how they're acting (lucky for me cuz I do not!!!)
and 10. Health is more important than looks and style.
I love Cody so much and am so thankful for him and his example and all he does for us. He is my best friend and the sweetest guy ever! I hope you had a good birthday. I love you more than anything.


Tamra and Jim said...

Wow, Cody is teaching you a lot of the same things dad has been trying to teach me for 29 years. Good luck, Cody! haha I'm glad Cody had a good birthday. Looks like a good time was had by all. (cheesecake, DQ cake, AND mint brownies?????)