May 27, 2008

101-I'm an Over Achiever

I'm going to go ahead and write down 100 things about me. I have no reason really other than why the heck not? I double dog dare you to read it all.
1. I get bored real easy
2. Water is one of my least favorite drinks but I force it down
3. I could eat chocolate everyday-maybe for every meal
4. I always have to have a dessert or I'll just keep looking in the fridge over and over hoping something appears
5. I'm clean AND organized and thats how it should be for everyone
6. I'm a republican but still think our country is screwed at least for the next 4 years...hopefully not 8
7. I get anxiety while waiting on people/things cuz they take forever-specially playing games or the computer. My heart races.
8. I have play dough to ease my anxiety problem.
9. Stress balls stress me out cuz I want to squish them till they stay in the form I put them in-control freak?
10. I love to bake things even if it makes me fat
11. Night walks with Cody make me happy
12. When Cody puts his hand on my leg when we drive, I always feel safe. So if we go flying off a cliff one of these days-thats what I want him to do so at least my last thoughts on this earth won't be "oh s**t"
13. I dread my alarm going off in the morning cuz that means I have to go to my most favorite, honorable job
14. I love Cody's hands
15. I love baby hands-when they're clean and not all drooly
16. I can read really really fast but 90% of the time I have no clue what I read-just ask Cody. He doesn't understand how I can read and not understand. My little brain just is thinking of other things.
17. I am built like a tree-just straight but big on top-I have grown to be ok with it. I think its the Lord's way of keeping me from buying too many clothes...only cuz they don't fit like they do on mannequins
18. I am amazed by simple things-post it note sticky stuff-amazing
19. I know a lot of useless knowledge
20. I like to busta move
21. I like my straight teeth but wish my gums were healthier
22. I have my associates degree in general studies and need to go back and get my bachelors but I don't know what in. I would have like 8 years left
23. I desparately want to be a mom but know I need to wait
24. I get nervous really easy so I make jokes or just laugh at stupid things to relieve the tension (I think most people pass gas to relieve tension)
25. I believe I am one of the funniest people if you have a sick, crude, rude, weird, immature, don't-giva-hoot sense of humor
26. I am the most brutally honest person I know
27. I cry when I'm happy, feel the Spirit, sad, mad, angry, fuming, or when I see someone crying (specially my mom) or even if I hear a sad song. Cody has become desensitized to it...can't say I blame him
28. I believe everyday is a special one and even if I don't live that belief everyday I still want to greet Cody with a big hug and kiss when I see or leave him
29. Kissing my parents has always been weird for me but I know it shouldn't. I love them so much
30. I am a member of the true church and that makes me happy
31. I love attending the temple
32. My favorite past time is camping
33. I love the smell of nature. When we go on trips, I know its a time I should be talking and sharing my thoughts with Cody but I just stare at the window in amazement at how beautiful and unique every climate is. Its magnificent.
34. My 5th grade teacher was my favorite year in school (my dad's class)
35. Watching people get hurt (not too badly) is hilarious
36. When I get hurt, I laugh-its not a rare occasion. Its pathetic really. I'm a wimp
37. I have a hard time with goals
38. I've always admired my sister's way with people and her laugh
39. Hearing people laugh uncontrollably is the best. Like when I tickle Cody till he cries or as mentioned above...when someone gets hurt
40. I laugh like a man when I really get tickled but I don't care
41. My nickname used to be Hammy (have no clue where it came from) but when we used to get hand me downs, I thought they were called "hammy downs". I actually believed that till about oh a year ago. Laugh it up.
42. I could quote the whole Blue Collar Comedy Tour movie for ya. Once on a road trip, I did and my dad would get so mad cuz he thought I was talking to myself the whole time.
43. I used to carry on conversations with myself. It saved a lot of time asking people questions when I already had the answer. My mom would laugh and laugh.
44. I've had SSSSSOOOOO many broken bones. Tara broke my right arm when I was in kindergarten (lauching me with her legs) then left arm twice in 7th grade (sliding down stairs and sliding in the grass) then right arm twice in 8th grade (ice skating and the four wheeler). I've fallen off a bunk bed and landed flat on my face...on the cement at girls camp where some language many of those girls probably never heard or will ever hear again was heard coming from my mouth. A kid blew out my knee while playing in the cotton seed (thats pretty red neck), two bruised ribs and a chipped elbow. I blame it on being top heavy-like a tree
45. I love driving fast, listening to country, with the windows down singing on top of my myself
46. Every vacation ever taken with my family has a "well hell" moment. EVERY VACATION
47. When I go to people's houses, I always look in their fridge...even if we're not buddy buddy.
48. We don't know when we're moving or even if we have an apartment but it'll work out
49. "I drive a dodge stratus" (best of will ferrell SNL) and I think its an indian car
50. I have frost nip hands from being left out in the car when I was just a wee lass
51. I'm a quick texter
52. I don't make easy decisions well-like what to eat for dinner
53. I've cleaned buildings for almost half my life.
54. I love the noise of dirt being sucked up in a vacuum.
55. I just now realized how I became a neat freak-I am going to write a book called THE SIDE JOB THAT RUINED ME
56. Obviously I could talk about myself for a long time
57. I don’t like doing my hair
58. I choke on my food A LOT
59. I suck at calling people back
60. Gerber daisies make me happy
61. I despise cats
62. I’m a complete dog lover
63. I enjoy watching sports if its a good game
64. I bite my tongue alot-like so I don't offend people
65. I used to play the piano and probably still could if I ever practiced
66. Having neices and nephews has really helped me become not so afraid of kids
67. I have been to 8 states (I think) but it will soon be one more!
68. San Diego Temple is my favorite
69. I like to make quilts but it takes me forever to find material and just the right pattern
70. My brothers are both such hard workers in all they do and growing up I always wanted someone who knew how to work
71. 70 is another reason Cody is perfect
72. I hate morning breath
73. I love the way Cody smells in the morning and I love watching him stretch when he's waking up. It is always the exact same.
74. I love bright colors that catch the eye but don't blind you
75. I think I have finally gotten a little more used to the heat cuz now I freeze in Show Low
76. Dr. Pepper is amazing-then if you add coconut and vanilla to it at Sonic-it's a complete sin
77. When I "wish on stars" I always say, Please Bless
78. I love hearing my dad tell stories-true story
79. My mom's laugh is contagious. I used to make fun of her and now I have the same one
80. I will never forget a family I grew up with-David, Buffy, Brooklyne, Rileigh, Lexi and Chandler Nikolaus and their beloved dog Brinkley.
81. I used to buy a watermelon every other day and it was just what I ate for all my meals.
82. I can burp real loud
83. I like to have cute purses and necklaces
84. I try to always match
85. My closet is arranged by color-white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, light blue, blue green, green-then I know what color I need to shop for
86. I squirm when I think of creepy crawly things
87. I have toe thumbs. They are nubs and I can't pick up things well and I always get frustrated and say, "If I didn't have nubs, I could do this!"
88. I don't want to get old so I act more immature each day-clever I know
89. I stretch my legs before I go to sleep otherwise they have a weird feeling I can't explain
90. I would consider myself out of the loop with happenings in my family
91. I want to travel alot and be able to afford it...haha
92. I'm pretty low key-just give me some attention (candy also) and laugh at my stories and you're my new best friend
93. When I'm in Show Low I constantly think of memories and its still weird to go back as a married girl
94. I would consider myself crafty but I usually can't come up with something by myself-I could always use inspiration
95. I'm a bed hog
96. I love having like 5 pillows around me-they help me relax
97. I wish I had a photographer to follow me around when I'm with Cody that just snapped pictures of us doing our own thing and caught that "pure happiness" look
98. My hands and feet are bigger than Cody's (Manica?)
99. I choked on a ball of bread dough once but I still have to eat some-any kind of dough/batter/mixture but even worse-I used to eat raw hamburger when my mom wasn't looking and I turned out just perfectly
100. I get turned around easily-like in malls, stores, Sea World (got lost when I was little but saw my dad in his bright orange parachute pants and knew I was ok), pig farms (we went to pick up our 4-H animals and me and Ryan ditched my Mom and Rustin and Tara. I don't think I've ever seen her that mad since. My next trip to the pig farm on a field trip in 1st grade, my dad gave me a purple whistle that was shaped like a pig and made me wear a purple shirt so I didn't blend in with the pigs and get lost.
101. My parents have always loved me! They taught me "its ok to be teased and to tease people and if you can't learn to do it then you'll have a pretty boring life."


Stormy and Spenser said...

#89...i totally agree... i have a weird leg thing too! thats random. ha ha. I have been living with Becky this past year, but now i'm home for the summer, but we're moving back in together of course! :)

Tamra and Jim said...

Danica, some of your things made me laugh out, 46, 53,54, and 55!!! haha still laughing. hahaha

Taralee said...


Stormy and Spenser said...

Her name is Kimberly. I've seen her a couple times, her and Pat are at NAU too, and they are pregnant! They're so cute. Any babies for you anytime soon?

Stormy and Spenser said...

You crack me up! That was just the response I expected, thanks for not letting me down! lol Well I can't wait to read your blog when you are getting ready for a baby :)

Stormy and Spenser said...

ha ha yeah right, I was actually thinking more along the lines of hilarious! You're the one that made the field trips fun! Man that class was a joke, compared to my NAU classes, i'd retake that one any day!

Stormy and Spenser said...

ha ha ha I have no response to that except for you are freaking funny! I laughed right out loud! Your awesome!

Karalyn said...

Note to not read anything from Danica while sitting in a serious class at NAU. The laugh is hard to keep contained:) I can't remember why we called you Hammy other than we could say Hammy Wammy Dammy:)