March 14, 2008

Thursday Nite Conversation

Last nite we went out to one of the local mexican food joints and had a good time other than the crap service that we had...yeah didn't even leave a tip. Somehow we got on the subject of babies. Not to be confused with us thinking of having any, just about how painful it must be. Well I don't think Cody realized he was talking out loud and he said, "why can't women just lay an egg (made a plopping noise), put it in the incibator, set it and forget it, come back 9 months later and wa-la!" I just started laughing. My husband and his genius ideas. I told him maybe one day he can have the say in how it all happens! haha. I'm sure he would tell the story much better but it just makes me laugh.


Jessica said...

he is a freakin genius!!!!!

Tamra and Jim said...

I'm glad you can laugh. If we stop laughing, that's when there's trouble! love mom