March 18, 2008

Couldn't Believe It

This past weekend my mom and dad came down to visit. I think I finally harassed them enough about never coming to visit that they felt guilty enough plus they had to deliver a puppy so pretty much someone had to pay them to come to Thatcher but hey, I'm just glad we got to see them. Now I have to convince them to help us move in July...yes in the dead heat. They'll be thrilled!
Anyways on with our day. First we said our hellos and they showed me my finished quilt! I loved it and it immediately went on the bed. We played with the puppies that they brought with them. Adorable. We delivered the puppy, went to lunch at La Casita (only the best) went to a fabric store where dad got his ear talked off by the little old lady working there. Me, Cody and my mom didn't mind though because it kept her occupied while we looked. We headed toward the furniture store but before getting there here's the conversation...
Mom: "I could really use a Dr. Pepper right now." ...a few seconds go by and dad never responds.

Mom: "a Dr. Pepper sure sounds good."

Dad finally says, "so what are you saying?"

Mom: "nothing nevermind" in her sad little voice trying to make dad just catch on that she wants to go to Sonic.

Cody: "Oh my gosh, I see where Danica gets it. That is exactly what she does."

Me: "I do not."

Cody: "Yes you do all the time!"

Cody and Dad at the same time: "Yeah why can't you just ask us what you want?"

Mom and Me: "Why can't you just know?"

Dad: "We're not....

Cody jumps in: "mindreaders!"

Mom and Me: "hahahahaha just laughing away"

I just thought it was so funny. Me and Cody are a younger version of my parents. Not even kidding!
Well we ended up getting drinks, went to the furniture store, went to our house watched a little TV so we could show them our TV and sound system. Mom liked the TV and dad loved the sound. I love my parents and all they do for us. I am so thankful they got to come down and visit and appreciate the long drive they took just for us...and the puppy money. :D


Anonymous said...

we had a great time. you have your house decorated so cute and everything is so organized and tidy. I was impressed. I can hardly wait to help you move in July. That is my favorite time in the valley - I love the dry heat! NOT~!! You're a cute couple and we enjoyed spending some time with you and Cody. Too bad we can't do it more often. We love you. Dad

Taralee said...

Hey Tammy Jr.

I love the story! You guys are too funny. Looks like you had fun with M&D. I'm jealous! Someday I'll live closer. :)
Love ya.

Tamra and Jim said...

Yeah, we had a great time visiting and that story about Sonic. TRUE STORY. ;o) hahaha

ashley b said...

That's a funny story! So I saw your quilt and I'm quite amazed! I wish I had the patience for that kind of thing! I must say I'm impressed Danica!

Caitlin said...

Hey Danica. gotta love those parents. Isn't funny how you always say when you are younger you will never be like your parents and guess what YOU ARE. Haha, I have got more comments lately on how I look and act just like my mom. It couldn't be more music to my ears. I hope to be just like her. Anways Cute page! What kind of puppy?