March 4, 2008


I just thought I would post a few pictures of what our home looks like because not everyone (anyone?) has seen our home. So I'll bring it to you. A few weeks ago when we were in Show Low, I asked my mom why they never hardly came down and she said, "well Thatcher really isn't on the way to anything." I just said, "yeah just your last big deal." I know my family is all busy and I also know that Thatcher ain't the most happenin' place so I understand.
The Kitchen were the ordering out...I mean cooking takes place.
The wall by the door...everyone compliments the blocks!
Above the book shelf
This is above the bed...obviously. Recently I changed our bed spread to the one Grandma made for us for our wedding.
Just another cute wall
The board in the kitchen that me and Kristen swapped.
Well there ya have it! Please come again, we enjoyed the company!


Tamra and Jim said...

Your house is so cute. Please come and decorate mine. I'm sick of all my ugly stuff. You and Taralee need to do a makeover for me, mmmK?

Tamra and Jim said...

Funny you told that story about me saying that Thatcher isn't on the way to anywhere. Because on Sunday Buffy Nik was saying that she was so glad that you sat by her in Relief Society last week. I told her we hadn't gone down there very much and she said, "Well, Thatcher really isn't on the way to anywhere!" I laughed! So Danica, everyone knows that about Thatcher. TRUE STORY TRUE STORY!!!

Rustino Scar said...

don't feel bad. only like 4 people have come to visit me. maybe I should do a posting of my decorations in my apartment.

Nicole said...

I love your house. It really is decorated cute. I REALLY like the Claridge blocks. Hee Hee. And I am very disappointed in you mom. Come on! YOU are in Thatcher! You might not pass through Thatcher to go just ANYWHERE, only to see the one and only Danica!!!:)

Kristen said...

There you go, again. Trying to get us in trouble.