September 15, 2007

Tickle Fights

Ok when I first met Cody, he was very ticklish and I wasn't ticklish at all. By falling in love with him, I am ridiculously ticklish now partly because I am so giddy but at night right when I'm about to wash my face or brush my teeth, it always turns into a battle. You might ask well why doesn't she just lock the bathroom door...well if it had a lock that worked, I would. Now I shut the door and then pull a drawer out so he can't get in but sometimes the drawer gets stuck and I can't pull it out fast enough and shut the door so its ATTACK time. We both show no remorse until the other laughs so hard they're crying or because I get hurt. For those of you that know me, you know how accident prone I am and I could honestly be standing somewhere and I would be the one to get hurt. Take for example, last year at an institute activity at the football field, I was standing on the side lines watching a game of 500. Some genius behind me threw half of a pickle because he didn't want it anymore and it nailed me in the head and it dropped me to my knees. I just always happen to be in the wrong place. It's sad really. Everytime I say "ouch" Cody goes, "surprise surprise" or "only you" but now the tables have turned. Cody has this real bad habit of scaring me at night and he knows I absolutely hate it. Well the other night he was hiding by my side of the bed and I was going around it. He jumped out and got rug burn on his elbow. Then during one of the tickle fights, I was trying to get him to leave me alone and I kicked him in the elbow...but the opposite way of how it bends. I felt bad but now he can't make fun of me for always getting hurt. He thinks I purposely do it to him but I really don't. My bad luck has just finally rubbed off on him! It's true married people really do become just like eachother.


Nicole said...

It sounds like your house is a happening place!! Ya'll are so cute and fun. Just be careful OK?? I can see rumors starting about abuse with all the "accidents" that happen. lol :)

Tamra and Jim said...

Danica-please tell me your accident prone-ness is NOT rubbing off on Cody. haha Not what one family needs--two people who are accident prone as you are. ;o) i love your stories. love Mom

Anonymous said...

what about a "covered wagon". got one of those yet?