September 13, 2007

Cody's Mullet

Yes it was very sexy! He and his friend Dave had a competition to see who could grow the best mullet. Since Cody's hair grows so fast, within a few weeks, it was long and well...well it just needed cut so he lived with a mullet for a few days. He cut it before we went to Show Low when Cody asked my dad if he could marry me.


Taralee said...

Now all he needs is lighting bults on the sides...or maybe some steps. ha ha. Business in the front, party in the back.
HEY...the 1980's called and want their hairstyle back.

Nicole said...

I am SO glad that the mullet is NOT in style right now. I would never let Jude have one. You are sweeter than me. If Glen came home and said that he made a bet with a friend to grow the best mullet, I would go ahead and pay the friend and get it over with. I HATE mullets. Of course Glen can't even grow HAIR much less a hair STYLE! HA. Glad Cody had it cut when I met him!!! I might have had to make fun of him. :)