April 13, 2012

March 2012 and trip to San Diego, CA

Spending time in Show Low. If you can't find him, he's either with Pas, in the front yard, on the four wheeler or down playing with the chickens and rooster. "Pas, rooster annoying."
Seriously such a stud!
New church clothes from Nana and Pas and he was striking some poses for us!
Love these two and the sweet spirit they each have
Nana and Pas favorite Claridge boys
6.5 months old in the birthday chair!
loves gettin his diaper changed
i kiss those cheeks all day
Who doesn't like a ride?
They'd play in there forever if I'd let them
Mr. Boogie. Cody loves to boogie board...even when the water was 50 degrees and he was the only onein the water without a wet suit!
Yes the waves were huge and NO there are no pictures of me getting taken out by the waves either.Best moment of the trip...for everyone else.
The wind was chilly. Thankfully Nana and Pa were there to hold the babies.
Watching some Toy Story before bed time
Scripps Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. Sea life is quite spectacular and colorful.
He backed away from the tanks when big fishes or sharks would swim by

Cole finally met Dori from Finding Nemo. This tank and the tank with Clownfish was his favorite.
You make cool boat paths with all the dividers and Cole would scream with excitement every time his boat reached the end...turns out Nana thought it was pretty dang cool too.
More excitement!!
Sea Lion Park
Pa and Nana taught Cole how to bark like a seal. He's so good at it.
He loved the ocean!
Daddy and his big boy
He would get dizzy when the waves were going in and out. I did too. He ended up falling and rolling to shore in the wave. Didn't slow him down. And it cleaned out his snot nose!
Dancing on the beach
Little Bretters was as cool as a clam on the beach.
Best picture ever!
In case you couldn't remember our last name
Such a beautiful temple. It was our last stop before heading home. And no that is not photo shopped!
7 Months Old
I did not pose him like this. He fell over and it made me laugh.
Just go to sleep Brett!


Anonymous said...

Even though there were several "Oh HELL" moments getting there and it was cold and windy we still had a great trip. I'm so glad you all got to come with us. We had some grand times. These little boys are the sweetest and the best ever.

The Diaries of a Wimpy Mom said...

My favorite post! You two make the cutest kids ever. I just love it. And how in the heck did your little one get to be 7 months old already? Sounds like you guys had a great trip. The picture of "Nemo" in the tank was amazing! Such vibrant colors! (But I loved all of your pics. Very cute.)

Nicole said...

cute outfits for lil boys