April 13, 2012

February 2012

Reading time
We love us some cookie dough

Pas never gets a break
Daddy and his boys
Big eyes. Rosy cheeks. Sweet giggles.
Cole runs around with sticks and they become swords. He jabs me and says, "Dot you mama!"
Love his cheese grin!
Playing his "geetar"
Born to rock
Every time he finishes eating, he throws his hands in the air and says, "All done!"
Shot from our backyard! Loves to play basketball.
Valentines Day. Complete with dinner at Oregano's and lots of candy and cheesecake.
Love this little face
Bringing Brett more toys
Cole takes such good care of Brett
lean him up against something and he'll stand there forever...but don't ask him to roll over either way because He WON'T! Such a sweetie!


Ryan and Shannon Rapier said...

What a cute onsie Brett is wearing!(haha) He'll make a great future missionary someday.