February 25, 2011


will post partum depression always have a firm grip on me? And is it even still considered post partum depression when you're "baby" is 17 months old or is it just plain ole depression? answers please.


Tamra and Jim said...

I have no answers. I'd say get back to your doc in Tucson for another visit. I think you are doing great. Everyone has days of feeling depressed. YOu just have to know where the line is between that kind and the kind you had last year. Love you.

Liz said...

Like your mother I have no answers for you. So take her advice get to your Dr.
I do know that a friend/neighbor of mine was diagnosed in 1993 to be Bi-polar. She went through so much and tried so many different meds. Then in 1997 she moved to Phoenix. I re-connected with her over a year ago and she told me that just a few years ago she found another Dr. That finally told her she wasn't Bi-polar at all but was suffering from post partum depression. Her "Baby" had just graduated from high school. She is finally better after 18 years of hell. She's doing great... so yes you can still have post partum depression when your baby is 17 months old.
Your pregnancy homones could be messing up stuff too so get to your Dr. and let them help you. With Naturopath's they can treat you during pregnancy with no side effects. It will also help ward off another round of depression after your current pregnancy.
Love you Danica, your an amazing young woman with family that loves you.

The Haught Family said...

well Danica I have no real answers but last year about the same time you were going through depression, I was too! Everyone told me to just "fake it til you make it" that didn't work. I finally decided to go into a doctor and found out I had depression but the very best thing I did was go see a therapist! I know, I know... It sounds like I'm some psycho nut job but it helped ALOT! I had to take medication for awhile and now whenever I have a down day I just take this natural stuff (not marijuana hahaha) and it helps me so I do not crash! I hoped this helped! I love you and you are amazing! You can talk to me whenever you need to! Love ya tons cousin!!! this is Chelsi by the way!