April 11, 2010

A New Camera...

Just Jumpin'
Easter Eggs make the best toy
Splish Splash
Side Sleeper
Big enough to hold his own bottle
Love those cheeks
Hi mama
Loves his bath time
Suckin the water off his toes
droolin on the eggs
" da da da da da"
"feed me!!!
"thank you"
fat and happy
Matchey dad and son playing play station


Kaylee Smith said...

Gosh Danica your little COLE Cody Claridge is so handsome! Ah give me those cheeks!!!! man that pic. of him after he's done eatting haha, he know's where it's at! I MISS you and YOUR phone calls all the TIME!:) (not intentionally)!!! Cole looks just like you, he's one lucky little man! YOUR beautiful D! take it easy

Batty Family said...

Hey sorry it took me so long to respond. I'm a TERRIBLE blogger. But yes I totally remember you! It looks like you guys are doing great! Your little Cole is adorable- he's got the best cheeks! Where are you guys living now?