March 26, 2010

Parker, AZ

Yes I'm knelt down in the water of the Colorado River. It was freezing. When I got out my legs were bright red and numb.

Oh me Oh my. What to say. Monday my parents picked me up and we were off to go camping in the big city of Parker, AZ. Never heard of it? Let me tell you why. Its on the Colorado River where the shore line is covered in RVs. It is Sun City on wheels. The fastest machine out there was a golf cart which conveniently there is a golf course....called Jackass Flats. Hmm. And funny thing...there were actual golfers out there tearing it up. But what else could they do? Maybe go play water volleyball with their fellow senior citizens or play putt putt golf. Either way I'm sure it would've been the time of their life. On the other hand, me, mom and dad were about bored stiff. I've never been more grateful for FOX news or any channel for that matter.

Our highlights included me wondering why in the HELL there was mice poison in our camper and as I was sitting on the bed my dad goes, "Danica lift your feet up real slow." YEAH RIGHT! I bout came unglued.

Dad going swimming and his shorts filled up with air and he couldn't get his feet to touch the bottom of the pool and he was fighting to keep his head afloat. Mom and I about died laughing.

Mom couldn't quite figure out that she had to walk up the stairs instead of fall of up them. Something about the one foot in front of the other was a little much I guess.

Dad singing in the truck, "There ain't no sunshine hmm mhh hmm hmmm...." After about 20 minutes of this I texted mom and wrote, "there ain't no sunshine...sure glad the radio works." She chuckled and dad knew we were making fun of him. It was classic.

All in all it was a fun trip. I doubt we'll ever go to Parker, AZ or Herp, CA EVER again but it was fun. Next year they'll have their passports ready to go to Rocky Point. Can't ever beat the beach thats for sure.

Oh one more story about mom. We had just finished playing putt putt and all we were wearing was swim suits so just use your imagination where she put her phone. Well then we decided to go sit in the hot tub when she sat down she remembered her phone but it was too late. The damage was done. I texted dad and told him and he said, "oh mercy. Try explaining that one to the insurance." hahahhaha.


Tamra and Jim said...

Good thing we can enjoy and entertain ourselves, huh? It was a fun trip but only because we made it that way. Parker is not that exciting of a place to go to. Except that it was warm and that was enjoyable. Thanks for the fun recap of our trip. It made me laugh all over again.

J+C+4=FUN said...

I wish that everyone could go one at least one trip with your parents they will laugh about that trip for the rest of their life. I'm glad that you all know how to make a boring thing fun.

Mckay and Sherry said...

You're creazy that water would be so cold! Your Cole sure is a cute one. I can't beleive he is already 6 months!

Davis Family said...

Sounds like the trip of a life time! Thanks for the great idea, Ha Ha!