November 8, 2009

A Mother and Daughter's Weekend Fun

It's amazing how much me and my mom are alike. Its almost scary...ALMOST.

Like how she can eat a whole thing of double stuff Oreos before I even get a chance to think about having one but I can eat a whole box of Nilla Wafers before she even knew she bought them.

Or how I ate practically a whole pan of pumpkin squares my dad made and blamed it on my mom and he really honestly didn't know who to believe. I guess we both lie a lot...?

Or like when we're both upset we clean really fast and slam things and make as much noise as possible...almost to the point of making it awkward for anyone around...but we feel so much better when we're done.

Or how we can both inhale two Cafe Rio burros no problem.

We both hate sharing Dr. Pepper.

This morning I was wearing my pinkish shower cap and I walked into my mom's bathroom and said, "Look. I look like a cancer patient." For some reason she looked at my chest and I just pointed at my head and said, "Up here." We both about died laughing.

I had to "fix" some of the faces she painted on our navities and I was telling her I can't draw and she said, "I really can't draw. About the only thing I can draw is flies." It took me a while to get it. She was basically admitting that she smells. :D

My dad asked me why painting the faces on the nativity was taking so long and I told him they were screwed up royally. No offense mom. Now Joseph and Mary sure are happy they had baby Jesus. They're smiling ear to ear.

Last time I was here I had an ingrown finger nail on my middle finger. This week I have another one but on the other hand and also the middle finger. And last night I smashed my pinky so I was showing my mom from across the room my battle wound and she said, (with her middle finger up), "yeah my finger hurts too." Then I stuck up both my middle fingers and said, "yeah I have ingrown nails on both fingers." We laughed so hard.

She was giving my dad commands one after another and before we could get the first thing she asked done. I was out in the garage with my dad and said, "doesn't she have a mute button." Dad didn't even hesitate and said, "NO!" I came back inside and she had heard us. Hilarious.

I told her we really should just set up a video tape and record everything we do but she thinks we'll be the only ones that find humor in it. Either way, it would be awesome to go back and watch one day, but I decided to get this all written down before I forget. I love my mom and am so glad I'm like her. She's awesome and so much fun.


Tamra and Jim said...

I'm sure no one else will appreciate our humor. I love how you tell stories, though. I am just not totally sure how much truth there is in all this stuff. :) or if you should be sharing any of it in public...

Taralee said...

i have to admit...i'm guilty of a FEW of those things. ha ha. i can pretty much fly through a pack of oreos in about 10 seconds flat. you guys crack me up. i'm glad you are getting to spend so much FUN time together while i'm stuck in utah going to school and working and being i'm not jealous or anything. (wink, wink) and yes- you are VERY much alike. The older Danica gets the more I can see it. Lucky, lucky.

Anonymous said...

The similarities are almost scary. We had so much fun having Danica and COLE here for almost a week. The place has sure been quiet and uncluttered since they left. We always have a ton of laughs when Danica is around and she is a hard great helper and worker. We got lots of things done while she was here and we enjoyed hugging that little boy and watching him develop his muscles and personality. Come back soon Danica, and thanks Cody for letting them come. This is what life is all about! Dad