December 26, 2007

Christmas Weekend

I made this gingerbread house at Cody's cousin's house a few weekends ago! It was so fun! Jason even put a pile of dog poo by the car!
It was real stormy and it looked pretty but wouldn't you know it, the picture does it no justice!
Woot Woo who is the hottie driving?
And the moron taking pictures?
Making Christmas treats. Only licking my fingers occassionally!
Yes I am holding the treats in my hand. We put them in the snow so it would chill quicker. So resourceful.
Uh Rustin, is there a reason you're holding up the knives in anger? I thought you enjoyed the holidays? :] There's those dumb knives again? What the?
The finished product! There were nuts in the them too and there was an almond in a bad place on the snowman! The good side of me took it off but the other side of me devilishly laughed and wanted to leave it there!
Cute couple celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple.
On our way to the Reidhead Christmas Party in Holbrook. We had to pull over to hide Santa's presents for our cousin.
Right before we headed out to go to the Claridge Party. Bitter sweet I guess. I was so sad to leave but knew I would see them again soon.
Me and Rusty Pants! We loved having him home from New York.
Me and my two handsome brothers Ryan and Rustin. Ryan loved his new hat and had to wear it. It was funny.
Who's that woman blocking the beautiful Christmas tree? ha
Cody was so HAPPY to get his Simpson's movie! It even came with action figures.
I love my new Kitchen Aid! I can't wait to make something...cookies, brownies...anything bad for me really! Maybe some cinnamon rolls!Cody got a beard trimmers and what we all know what that means. ANOTHER BEARD! This picture made us laugh because that really is what I did when I opened my present and Cody didn't even mean to take the picture. I'm a loser.

There is more to come! I have some funny stories!


Tamra and Jim said...

It looks like a fun Christmas for you guys this year. We were glad you got to be home with us for a while. Thanks for your help with the popcorn snowmen and helping us play Santa Claus. Hope we can see you again soon! love you.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to come home for the Reidhead party. It was great having you here. Thanks for all your excellent help. You're such a good little worker, you made those snowmen look easy and those press cookies were delicious. They were divine. Thank you! Happy New Year. Hope to see you soon. Love, Dad

Taralee said...

I missed out on all the family fun. What the ????...what is up with Rustin and the crazy knives? Did he get those from Torreon? I don't think mom and dad have knives that are that nice. Did you "get" mom and dad a present...a "new" knife set? ha ha. Nice face in the last post...nerd.