May 12, 2011

Happy, Fun Loving Boy

This little boy is one of the cutest boys alive! He is the sweetest little guy and is truly concerned about everyone especially if he sees tears. He's learning to love nursery and is quite the helper around here. Just yesterday he got himself down from the table and took his plate to the sink, while I was in the other room. He has a laugh that'll melt your heart and a cry that'll make you want to join him. His vocabulary is really growing and points to my belly and says baby baby over and over (in a non justin beiber sort of way). He has a love for shoes, sunglasses, keys and especially cookies and he knows where I hide them! When he sees that I'm doing laundry he'll pick up the pile and take it to the laundry room for me. I could go on and on. He is so smart and so loving. I love his big kisses and hugs! Pretty sure he is going to be an excellent big brother!