October 29, 2010

Cole and my 24th Birthday

50 bucks and 50 reasons Cody loves me
so happy for my birthday
cruising at the park
Ready for church
he is our cheese ball for sure


Liz said...

Danica HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! What a cute present Cody gave you. Your little man is SO stinking cute!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Happy birthday Danica! Hope you had a fun day. Cole is so darn cute.

Ginny said...

happy birthday!! i'm glad it was a great day! what a cute ides (50 dollars and 50 reasons)!!

The Diaries of a Wimpy Mom said...

CUTE! I am so glad you had a fun birthday! I love having birthday and Christmas money to spend. Isn't it great??!!

Kyle Katie and Talen Slone said...

My goodness Cole is so big!!! He is so stinkin cute! You guys look so happy thats so great:)

Mckay and Sherry said...

D he is so super cute! I had tons of fun this weekend. Hope it does not take us over a year to get together again!!!