September 30, 2010

Cole's 1st birthday with the Reidhead Family

I used to HATE shower I love them
Nana and Cole
Making Cole's birthday cupcakes
Trying to figure out Uncle Ryan and the hair on his chin
Couldn't quite figure out what was on his head"Ah HA a flickering light. I'm gonna touch it."
"This whole thing is mine? Are you sure Nana?"
All in one bite
Show no mercy kid!
opening presents
His new Lightning McQueen car. Wasn't sure about it at first but now he LOVES it. Taught him how to walk real quick.
Figured out the dog kennel
Up Next:
Cole's birthday in Thatcher with the Claridge soon as Shannon emails me the pictures because we forgot the camera


Jessica Caldwell said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cole. I love your car its so cool! Your cupcake looked so yummy I'm so glad you had a fun party!

Taralee said...

oh COLE!! You are hilarious.

Danica- seriously- that picture of him with his face against the glass. I almost died laughing. His teeth...and noes. It doesn't even look like him. ha ha. I LOVE HIM.

Rustino Scar said...

You guys all look so good! mom looks beautiful in that picture with Cole. And Cole's face on the shower door is too much to handle!
Love you long time!

Moses Family said...

Happy Birthday Cole! He's so big! I thought about you guys on our babies' birthday! Looks like you guys had a blast! We miss you!